Picture it, stepping out onto a beautifully decked pool area, with twinkling garden lights, hammocks to rest in, and tropical foliage providing perfect privacy. You can probably already feel yourself relaxing, wanting nothing more than to go for a swim and lounge with a drink by the pool.

Roughly 77% of people in the U.S. reported to the American Institute of Stress that they regularly experienced the physical effects of stress. If this sounds like you, you’re in luck because the perfect oasis described above could be yours. 

With just a few design moves, your pool area could become the perfect little getaway for you and your family.

Let’s have a look, shall we?


The most important thing to consider about your pool area is the decking around it. To create a more luxurious feel, use materials like stained wood, marble or stone pavers. Keep the color as consistent as possible but don’t be afraid to mix textures to provide a sense of creative artistry.

Whatever material you use, make sure it’s safe around water and that it feels good under your feet.



There are so many stresses in our lives, work-related stress is even considered to be a global health issue. Your outdoor space could be a place for you to unwind and relax after a stressful day at work. To truly relax, you’re going to want to invest in some comfortable and luxurious furniture. 

When choosing your outdoor furniture, you want to look for three things, style, color, and comfort.

Choose chairs that compliment your space. For example, if you have used wood for your pool deck area, but have cream colored shades or umbrellas, try for a wooden framed seating scheme with cream cushions. You could think about investing in an outdoor teak lounge chair, for example.


Focal point

Find something that suits your area and catches the eye. Think about your space and the theme you want to achieve: are you trying to create a spa-like atmosphere or more of that “family vacation retreat” feel? 

Things like water features can be both soothing and pretty. Perhaps the focal point is the seating area, the pool itself, or an outdoor fire place such as this well designed stacked stone fireplace.


Classic colors

If there is one thing retreats have in common it’s that they don’t use bright, distracting colors. Stear clear of anything too “out there” and keep close to calm, relaxing colors such as cream, white, brown, or pale blue.

Your colors will depend on your design and theme of your outdoor space. You can use green accessories to tie the pool area into your garden or stick with classic blue to keep your pool at the center of it all.



For those hotter than hot days it’s important to provide your pool area with some shade. You could build a roof, a gazebo-type area, or invest in one of those retractable shades. When the sun is beaming down, you’re going to be thankful you can still enjoy your pool space without frying in the heat.

Some type of covering also provides some privacy to your pool area and according to Better Homes and Gardens, building structures that provide privacy and protection is one of this year’s outdoor living trends. 



If one of your favorite ways to enjoy your outdoor space is by relaxing at night, adding some soft outdoor lighting or fairy lights can help transform your pool space into a dreamy, resort-like retreat.

Fairy lights wound up in trees and lanterns hung around the space can not only provide soft, relaxing lighting, but the reflection off the water can be enchanting and make the space feel a little bit magical.


Drink station

If you really want to fancy up your pool area, nothing says style and luxury quite like a proper drink cart.

Indulge in some poolside cocktails or a fresh ice-tea with lunch, with a fully stocked drink station. If you’re a bit of a safety nut and drinks around the pool worry you, then you can swap glass for plastic cups.


Tropical plants

Add some beach retreat vibes by placing some tropical plants either in the earth or in pots around the pool area. Medium sized ferns and brightly colored plants can add a touch of nature and color to the area. With tropical plants it’s all about color and scale, so always measure and consider how much room you have. 


Outdoor shower

If you really want to create something different and retreat-like you can build an outdoor shower so you can wash off after relaxing in the pool. If you live in a warmer climate, you can also use the shower for a relaxing ritual, as bathing outdoors is said to be extremely soothing, yet invigorating.

Any sort of relaxation or mindfulness ritual comes highly recommended as a way to destress. During your time in the shower, you can practice your breathing, relax your muscles, and get rid of any tension. Plus, you can feel more connected to nature by being outside. 


Get relaxing

Indulge your senses and your desires by creating the perfect outdoor pool space you and your family can enjoy in comfort. Choose which options speak to you and in no time, you’re going to be relaxing in your own backyard while feeling like you’ve escaped to a tropical retreat.