You’ve got a bundle of joy on the way! Congratulations! What makes this news even more exciting is that your OB-GYN has finally been able to identify the sex of your unborn child. Naturally, you want to share this news with your closest friends and family. However, with this whole Coronavirus pandemic, you may be unsure of how to do so safely. 

How in the world can you host a lavish gender reveal party while keeping everyone safe from spreading or contracting the Coronavirus? More importantly, how do you do so and make sure you’re following local and federal requests? Here’s some advice below: 

Host the Events Outdoors

The more fresh air and ventilation in a space, the less likely it is to contract the Coronavirus. Therefore, instead of hosting the gender reveal in your house or at an indoor venue, take your party outdoors. You can make use of your backyard, the yard of a friend or family member, or find a venue with outdoor space that’s open for business. 

Keep the Guest List Small

Most states are recommending that you don’t gather in groups of more than 10-25 people to reduce spreading the Coronavirus. Therefore, you should try to keep your guest list to this number. Though it may be hard to narrow down your guest list, it’s for everyone’s protection. 

You can start by eliminating anyone from your list that would be considered high-risk. This includes patients with health problems, expectant mothers, and the elderly. You can also eliminate anyone who would have to travel far from home to attend. Anyone who cannot attend in-person can always watch the event if you stream it live.

Choose a Luxurious Theme

Just because your gender reveal party has to be small doesn’t mean it can’t be grand. Decide on a gender reveal party theme that simply spells luxury. You could opt for a prince and princess royal theme or something like a ribbon and bow tie tea party theme. Even a traditional pink and blue can be made to be luxurious with the right decorations. 

Decide on a Dress Code

The most lavish events have dress codes to match. Decide what you’d like to see your guests in to celebrate the news about your baby. Perhaps you want them to use a blacktie dress code where everyone gets dressed in their best cocktail dresses and tuxedos. If you’re doing a lunchtime gender reveal party, maybe you’d like your guests to dress spring or summer casual in their best knee-length sundresses, slacks, cardigans, and polo collard shirts. When instructing on dress codes, don’t forget to require all guests to wear masks.

Select a Menu

You’ll need some great-tasting food and drinks for your guests. It doesn’t have to be a full-on feast (unless that’s what you’d prefer), but make sure the items you choose are tied into the overall theme of your gender reveal. For example, if you were hosting a tea party theme, for instance, you might serve tea, a small selection of wine, sandwiches with the crust cut off, fruit salad formed into melon balls, vegetable, cheese, and lunch meat trays, chips and dip, and salad with a variety of dressings.

Find the Right Decor

The decor for your gender reveal party can also help the event to feel more lavish. If the party is at night, you might set the tone with string lights, landscape lights, lanterns, and candles. You can drape tables in silk linens or uniquely patterned tablecloths, and add elaborate centerpieces like gorgeous floral arrangements or floating candles. A lunchtime vibe might have a pink and blue balloon archway at the entrance of your yard, tables with floral printed tablecloths, fine china set up for tea time, and placemats made from Chinese gender predictor printouts. 

Don’t Forget Entertainment

No gender reveal party is complete without some fun and entertainment. What will your guests be doing while at your event? You can have music playing in the background with a designated area for the dance floor, pull out some baby shower games, hold raffles, give out prizes, and so much more. Of course, you can’t forget to think about the reveal. There are so many gender reveal ideas including a paint gun, confetti bomb, smoke tire, and so many other creative ways. 

The Coronavirus has, without a doubt, changed the way people have to live and enjoy life. Be that as it may, it’s not the end all be all. When you have beautiful things going on in your life such as the arrival of a newborn, you can still safely share and celebrate this news with loved ones while remaining safe. Simply keep the above-mentioned tips in mind to put together a safe yet lavish gender reveal despite current times.