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How to Plan an Intimate Wedding Under New Government Guidelines

The Coronavirus pandemic has left thousands of couples uncertain about whether to go through with their 2020 weddings. However, as lockdown has been eased, weddings can now take place with a maximum of 30 guests. Whilst the guest count may not be large, some couples may wish to delay the larger celebration and have an intimate wedding instead, under the new guidelines. We spoke to the experts at The Ash Barton Estate, who share their top tips on how to plan an intimate wedding under new Government guidelines.

1. Check if your wedding venue is open

Whilst wedding and civil partnership ceremonies have been given a go ahead by the government, they can only take place in register offices or places of worship. This means that other wedding venues, such as hotels, cannot be used for nuptials. The first step to planning an intimate wedding is finding out whether your local venue is still operating and can still accommodate you on your wedding day.ย 

2. Plan your guest list

Under new government guidelines, a maximum of 30 guests are allowed. In some ways, this should make it easier to decide who is coming to your wedding as only your nearest and dearest will be allowed to attend. We recommend keeping to immediate family only and to split the remaining number of guests between each side. Finally, consider the friends and family who are not invited. Speak to your wedding venue to see if they have a large cinema screen or projector so relatives can still attend virtually. You can also plan for extra, larger events to celebrate once lockdown restrictions ease further.

3. Ensure that the wedding venue complements the guest size

If you have ever been a guest at a large wedding, you will know that getting time to congratulate and connect with the bride and groom can be difficult as theyโ€™re often too busy! However, with intimate weddings you will have plenty of time to interact with your guests, and you want a space that complements that. Too big will make the wedding feel empty, whereas too small might make it difficult for guests to observe social distancing.

4. Make your own rules about traditions

As you are surrounded by only your closest family and friends, you have the option to opt out of unnecessary traditions. For instance, not having bridesmaids or groomsmen will not look out of place and you do not have to wear a traditional white dress or black tie. If you want, you can keep the ceremony casual and dress in anything that feels true to you- whether that be a jumpsuit or a ballgown!

5. Plan a local honeymoon

Domestic travel within England is now permitted with hotels, bed and breakfasts and campsites allowed to reopen. Whilst travelling overseas is widely considered unsafe, why not celebrate your marriage by planning a local honeymoon? You can still take a well-deserved honeymoon break with your partner without having to plan too much in advance.