Wedding guests and couple drinking champagne

Your wedding day is by far one of the most important days of your life. It’s a pure moment of joy, and you want it to be memorable. However, planning a wedding is no walk in the park. It can cause you to get overwhelmed and stressed, along with that,  weddings are costly but don’t be alarmed by it. With proper planning and consideration, the stress can be reduced, and you can save valuable bucks which you can spend later on. Below are the top tips you can use to make sure you plan your wedding without spending huge amounts of cash.


1. Agree on a Wedding Vision

The first step of planning your wedding is to sit with your partner and make sure you have the same wedding vision. You need to figure out the type of wedding you want and the expenses you can afford. It’s always a good idea to sit with your partner and thoroughly check your individual credit scores to determine your exact budget. By doing this you will prioritize the important things to both of you at the wedding and ensure that you don’t overspend on unnecessary things.


2. Set a Budget

After having set the financial vision for your wedding, it’s time to set up a realistic budget. You and your partner now know the type of wedding you want and have set up a detailed plan for it.  Now it is time to search for vendors. There are various vendors out there with varying price differences. Make sure you don’t spend all your money in one place and prioritize the most important things. Keep a tab on your spending to ensure you don’t spend more than your budget while planning the wedding.


3. The Guest List

The guest list is going to greatly impact your budget. Remember every penny counts. Go through it thoroughly. It’s an easy task to put as many names on the list as you can remember. However,  before inviting people, think about how important they are to you. Those people are going to be in pictures with you. Will those people matter in years to come? Keep your guest list as short as possible to ensure you stay inside your budget limit. Adding too many names on the list can have a major side effect on your wedding spending.


4. Be Flexible

Vendors out there are ruthless in terms of money. Your venue will be the most costly thing at your wedding. The accommodation, food, and the place of your wedding play a pivotal role in controlling your budget. Choosing a very fancy place will cost you more than being flexible and trying out new budget-friendly options. Renting any outdoor place or a normal venue is better than going to a 5-star hotel for your wedding. But then again if you’re a millionaire it won’t affect you. However, if you’re not, thinking hard before choosing your vendor will be very fruitful.


5. Attention to Detail

Paying attention to the small details holds key importance. The small things do matter. Once you start paying attention to them, you’ll realize that every line item in your budget has an alternative that can reduce costs. Having a famous DJ can be replaced by a well-thought song playlist made yourself. Reducing the bar items or replacing them with cost-effective beverages is a great idea to minimize the use of budget. You could also have a semi-formal dress code to minimize expenses for both yourself and your guests. Having a buffet is economically the better choice. While shopping for your wedding dress there’s no need to get your hands on an expensive brand. Prioritize everything and keep an eye on small details.

6. Prioritizing Your Wedding

After all your planning, it comes down to priorities. Consult with your partner and look for the things you just can’t compromise on. There will be some things in your wedding which both of you will want to cut back on. It all comes down to the importance those things hold for you. You may want to cut back on the vendor or the DJ, but you can’t compromise on food because that’s something everybody will remember.

Planning a financially perfect wedding can be hectic at times. This day may come once in your life, so you want to make it as good as possible. That being said, you also want to ensure it stays inside your budget limit, so things don’t get out of hand. The tips mentioned above are very important and should be followed if you want to have a wedding where you don’t risk breaking your last piggy bank at home.