A combination of  “hobby” and “holiday” – ​​Hobbiday is the hot new travel trend of 2024!

Explaining what ‘Hobbidays’ are, Maryanne Sparkes, Luxury Travel Expert at European Waterways says, “Holidays nowadays go beyond mere sightseeing; they’re opportunities for immersive learning and active participation in specific pursuits. This emerging trend underscores a shift in travel preferences. People are looking for more than just relaxation on vacation; they want to return home with new skills and memories. It’s also a way to make the most of your leisure time by combining travel with a passion project. Hobbidays are a great way to focus on mental well-being and come back feeling refreshed and creatively inspired.”

Pinpoint Your Passion

Brainstorm hobbies you’d love to delve deeper into. Is it photography, woodworking, cooking a specific cuisine, or something more adventurous like rock climbing?” says Maryanne. 

Research Hobbiday Options

Search online using terms like ‘[your hobby] hobbiday’ or ‘[your hobby] travel workshops’. Then look for travel agencies or independent operators specialising in hobbidays. Social media platforms can also be a good resource. Look for hashtags related to your hobby and travel.”

Factors to Consider

Maryanne says, “There are a few things you should consider when planning your hobbiday in 2024. First, there is location. Does the destination offer a unique environment that complements your hobby? For instance, a pottery hobbiday in The Netherlands or a golfing hobbiday in the Scottish Highlands”

“You should also consider the skill level of the hobbiday you are planning. Is the hobbiday designed for beginners, intermediate learners, or experienced practitioners? Make sure you choose something that matches your current skill level.”

“Another thing to consider is group size. Do you prefer a small, intimate setting for personalised learning or a larger group experience? And finally, don’t forget to consider your travel style. Consider the overall travel experience. Do you want a luxurious stay or a more rustic, back-to-nature feel?”

Maximise Your Time

Look for hobbidays that strategically utilise bank holidays in 2024 to extend your trip without using extra vacation days,” adds Maryanne. 

Pack Smart

Maryanne recommends,When it comes to planning your hobbiday, we suggest that you contact the hobbiday provider for a detailed equipment list before you set off. It’s also worth finding out if they offer equipment rentals or if you’ll need to bring your own.”

Additional Comments:

“Look into hobbidays that incorporate cultural experiences related to your chosen hobby. For example, a cooking hobbiday in Italy might include visits to local food markets and workshops with regional chefs,” says Maryanne. 

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