How to Provide a Great Salon Experience While Staying Compliant to Safety Regulations

In the difficult times that 2020 has brought us, industries have had to power through and make-do considering the new rules to protect the public from Covid-19. With the beauty industry impacted enormously, it has been difficult to revert ‘back to normal’ when there is, instead, a new-normal.

There is now official government guidance for hair & beauty salons, which covers everything from PPE to hygiene procedures, social distancing and more. This is also constantly changing, so keeping up with the new rules and regulations has a great importance. With close-contact treatments inevitable in the trade, we are here to provide the best tips for maintaining a great salon experience, that are still compliant to the current safety regulations.

A recent survey by the National Hair and Beauty Federation found that 74% of salons questioned were worried about what kinds of PPE they will need, how much it will cost and whether it will be available to them. Here are our top tips on providing an exceptional salon experience, while still staying compliant to current safety regulations.

Tip #1: Ask Your Clients Questions

It’s important to ensure you’re being respectful to your clients wishes, by asking them as soon as they arrive and understanding what they are and are not comfortable with. This will make them at ease immediately and it’s easy to assume because they’ve chosen to visit the salon that they’re relaxed about current circumstances. But this could be their first experience in a salon since before lockdown, so ensure you ask all the relevant questions upon arrival to make their experience as relaxing as possible.


Tip #2: Respect Spatial Awareness

Space is a very important part of 2020 and this just might be the defining factor between making your client feel comfortable or not. In salons, many treatments are close-up and personal, meaning you must ensure you’re wearing your mask or visor, or even both, before performing your treatments. Confirm with your client when they arrive if they’re comfortable with you getting close during the procedure and reminding them that you will have to. It’s also important to remember to keep a 1m+ distance when possible.

Tip #3: Maintain Exceptional Customer Service with Visors

When working in a salon, being a customer facing experience, it’s good to be able to see facial expressions from your staff, which is why facial visors have become increasingly popular over wearing face masks. They do the same job, but you can still see your facial expression behind a visor and this is extremely important from a customer-facing point of view. Check out all the different visors Lash Perfect provide here.


Tip #4: Don’t be Afraid to Sanitize Regularly

Some clients are bound to be more conscious than others. It will keep them all at ease if you make regular sanitising obvious to them, even if it takes stopping the procedure (if possible) throughout and sanitising, just to demonstrate your commitment to safety.

Tip #5: Reassure Clients Before They Arrive

Put your clients mind at ease and ensure you go through the measures you have in place before they arrive. Whether this may be over the phone or via email, by letting your clients know what to expect before they arrive, their minds will be at ease and they will know exactly what to expect during their salon experience.

The article was produced in collaboration with Lash Perfect, an eyelash extension course specialists.