Stir-fry is a healthy and versatile dish that is a great way to get more fresh vegetables into your diet to meet your five-a-day requirements and use up any leftovers. In this article, we’ll look at how to create the perfect stir fry so that you can replicate Gordon Ramsay’s delicious stir fry recipe and instructions.

First Things First

Before you make your stir-fry, you want to ensure you get the right ingredients. Fresh ingredients are always the best choice for a delicious stir-fry that will be packed with nutrients. Fresh ingredients will make your finished stir-fry taste better as they don’t contain any food additives such as preservatives or added salt and sugar, which can affect the taste of your dish and overall quality of your ingredients.

Fresh vegetables are also more nutritious as they’re typically packed with vitamins and minerals that haven’t had time to deteriorate. Eating fresh, local produce can be a more sustainable way to eat, as food doesn’t need to travel as far, which reduces carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. It also allows you to eat more seasonally, and support your local economy.

In addition to choosing the freshest possible ingredients, quality cooking equipment is essential. Good quality woks help you create the perfect stir-fry by distributing heat evenly to cook your food quickly and thoroughly. After all, the aim here is to recreate a high end version of this dish, so it’s only right.

The Ingredients Required

To recreate Gordon Ramsay’s stir-fry, you’ll need the following ingredients.

Beef (ground)

Leftover rice

Mushrooms (sliced)


Red Onion

Snow peas (sliced)

Red and yellow peppers (sliced)

Spring onions (sliced)

Bok Choy leaves

A chilli (chopped and de-seeded)


Olive oil

Soy sauce

Fish sauce

An egg (whisked)

Cooking Instructions

Simply follow these instructions for a mouth-watering stir-fry that’s packed with goodness. Watching experienced chefs (especially Michelin star decorating ones) online would be a good idea if you learn best by watching others.

Heat your wok

Heat your non-stick wok over a high heat and add a splash of olive oil once hot.

Cook the beef

Season your ground beef to taste using salt and pepper before placing it in your pre-heated wok. Chop your chilli, removing the seeds and add it to the pan along with the ginger and garlic. When your beef is browned, remove it from the stir-fry pan and put it aside to rest.

Cook the vegetables

Put your wok back on the heat and add another splash of olive oil before adding your sliced red and yellow peppers, snow peas and bok choy leaves. Then add your mushrooms, along with the soy sauce and fish sauce. Once your veggies are cooked, pop them in a bowl.

Cook the rice

Splash another teaspoon of olive oil into your hot wok before adding the whisked egg, a pinch of salt and the sliced spring onions. Now stir-fry your rice.

Mix together

Toss all the mixtures together in the wok and stir to mix the beef, veggies and rice together over a medium heat.

Serve and enjoy

Now transfer your finished stir-fry to a plate, serve and enjoy!