Wedding Video

The memories of the luxury wedding wrapped in the video format remain for life. Wedding video has ceased to be just a record of ongoing events, it has become a separate art form, because today it incorporates techniques from other areas, including big cinema.

In this post, we’ll go over a few tips to help you get a cinematic best-day-ever movie. Let’s go!


1. Work out a rough concept of a video

Wedding video ideas are so diverse that it’s easy to get lost among the multitude of concepts.

Videographers don’t always have to be highly skilled regarding technique – it’s more important to come up with an original idea that the couple will love.

Having come up with a rich story in advance, you will know what angles and scenes you need. And the whole shooting process will be much smoother and faster. So work out a concept, but…


2. Communicate with newlyweds first

Before the lush wedding day, organize a meeting with the bride and groom. Find out what they want. You can have a million great ideas, but if it’s not what the newlyweds want, it will all be a waste of time.

Check with ceremony and party venues to see if they have any tight regulations. Many churches simply forbid wedding videographers, so keep this in mind if you need to pick zoom equipment. Some major celebrations require insurance to shoot inside. As a videographer, it is part of your wedding preparation to ensure that everything is gorgeous before appearing.


3. Don’t shoot too much

Most couples are unlikely to rewatch several hours of their luxury wedding. Today, newlyweds are interested in a more concise version of the wedding video with must-have shots.

Clips that look like a chic 5-minute movie trailer have gained the most popularity. Anything longer is usually perceived as tedious and boring.

That is why you should reduce the amount of footage, which will also speed up editing and post-processing. To make the process easier, you can plan out the moments that you think are the highlights of all weddings.

But stay vigilant – try not to miss the important situations that will make the final wedding video so much more alive and posh.


4. Try to be light and mobile

Being quick on your feet is the ideal wedding technique. To do this, you must have a minimum of videography equipment capable of producing good results. You should be able to simply swap lenses and stabilization tools.

If possible, avoid using tripods. They will just slow you down and make changing angles more difficult. Instead, use a monopod. When it comes to adjusting angles, you will be considerably faster.


5. Prepare the gear for all lighting conditions

Most likely you will have to shoot in different conditions – outdoors, indoors, or at dusk.

So test your camera in a low-light environment ahead. If your lighting gear is pricy or bulky, look into other lighting solutions. The DJ may occasionally have a luxury disco lighting setup. Or the venue may have a lot of splendid garlands. You may be inventive in how you use their lighting in your shots. 


6. Don’t stage

The best luxury wedding clips always look spontaneous. Try not to make your video look completely staged, leave room for improvisation.

If you over-stage everything, the final result will look prepared. Add some life and that light vibes when it comes to the wedding video.


7. Don’t forget the sound

Unfortunately, this is one of the most ignored aspects. A luxury wedding film should have excellent audio. Purchase lavalier microphones to record essential events such as wedding vows and speeches.


8. Engage guests in shooting

You’ll always remember to photograph the venue’s exteriors and the lovely wedding decorations in the hall, but don’t forget that people visit these places. When the newlyweds watch the wedding film, they expect to see their friends and family, not the 101st shot of a bridal set.

You might bring a second camera to photograph visitors during the wedding ceremony or reception. These shots will also be useful for hiding any rough editing.


9. Take editing seriously 

Video editing is a tricky business. The video must look just gorgeous. But at the same time, you don’t want to delete anything that might be important to the newlyweds. And together with careful editing, you shouldn’t overdo it.

Some wedding videos are so heavily edited that they look like a weird patchwork TikTok. Don’t add too much color, lettering, or music that doesn’t match the style of the wedding. It is better to leave everything as natural as possible. If you want to add an extra sparkle to your dress, teeth, or flowers, add color correction and incredible effects, or any other idea, try using such software like iMovie for Windows, DaVinci Resolve, Pinnacle Studio, or Shotcut.


Final Thoughts

Wedding videography may be difficult. But no worries, being always prepared can give you the chance to make the best footage for a luxury wedding film.

If you’re new to wedding videography, the above-mentioned tips will help you get started in the correct direction. However, it takes time to develop your own wedding style and skill level. So be patient, go out and start filming anytime you want, and your wedding cinematography will improve greatly.