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How to Update Your Home: Creating Luxury for Less

Whether you want to bring your home up to date and give it a feeling of true luxury, or you want to wow potential buyers and increase your property’s value when selling, there are plenty of things you can do without breaking the bank. In this article, we explain a few easy ways in which you can effectively upgrade your current property.


Big Change / Little Effort

One of the easiest ways to totally transform a room is with a fresh coat of paint or some exciting new wallpaper. Soft, light matte pastels are highly desirable at present, so why not upgrade your spaces with a new color and feel? Wallpapers with large, bold repeating patterns, whether geometric, tapestry-style or nature-inspired, are also popular right now. You can make this even simpler by only papering one wall to serve as a feature or focal point.


Decluttering is Key

Less is often more when invoking feelings of luxury. Think hard about what each space really needs and remove all unnecessary clutter. A single, well-placed plant on a shelf can be far more effective than stacks of fashion magazines or clusters of ornaments.

Splash on Showstoppers

Sometimes, the easiest thing is to decide on one central feature of a room, then invest in subtle items to complement that feature. A beautiful rug, opulent curtains, a large, bold painting or something similar can help to draw the eye to your favorite part of the room, and this takes the pressure off all of your other furnishings and accessories. Of course, new items and materials can come at a cost. You can take out a personal loan to finance the needed changes and repay it when you next get a paycheck, or when you receive the money from your house sale. You can get matched with loan options in less than 60 seconds, have quick access to funds, and complete the look you’re going for.


Pre-Loved Isn’t a Dirty Word

It’s a myth that used items are of lower quality. After all, most vintage or antique pieces are used too. If you want to find great furniture or accessories without cleaning out your bank account, for example, if you’re going to be selling your home and you need a way to wow viewers, look online for second-hand items and auctions. Often, the previous owners have been extremely careful with their belongings. Look out for attractive, high-quality items and you may find something really exciting for a fraction of its value.

Affordable Alternatives

Found the perfect paint color but at a high price? Many trade or DIY stores offer a paint mixing service where they recreate the same shade for a fraction of the price. Know anyone with trade connections? They may be able to track down some great deals on materials, accessories and appliances that aren’t available to the general public. If you’re longing for granite surfaces or oak floors but your budget simply won’t stretch that far, do not be afraid of laminate alternatives. The technology used to create these materials has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, to the extent that they can be extremely difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Laminate can recreate the look and feel of wood, concrete and a range of other materials, it’s very durable and easy to clean too. Best of all, it’s far more affordable.