Indian Clothing

Most fashionistas would agree that Indian clothing is one of the most stunning styles among cultures. There is a wide versatility and a variety of options when it comes to the clothing items, for both men and women. You may be familiar with Indian weddings and parties, where individuals wear beautiful and colourful dresses and gowns and this is why Indian clothing is mostly associated with special and festive occasions.

However, this is certainly not the case and this type of wear can be worn daily and for different occasions as long as you know how to style it properly. This article will advise you of how to wear classic yet stylish Indian clothing so that you can look and feel your best at all times whilst celebrating Indian culture.


Be Selective

To ensure that you look classic yet stylish, you must be selective in your choice when choosing the Indian clothing you want to wear. It is a good idea to shop for unique pieces that will mesmerize everyone that sees you. If you do not own any Indian pieces of clothing, it can be slightly overwhelming to decide what to wear. Going to different stores and trying on different styles, will help you find the most suitable option for you.


Understand The Culture

Whether you are descended from Indian culture or not, you must understand the culture if you decide to wear this type of clothing. Indian fashion can be complicated when you do not have much knowledge on the subject. For this reason, make sure to familiarise yourself with a few pieces of Indian clothing and outfits, which will increase the likelihood of looking stylish and classic. From anarki dresses, to kurta pajamas, there will be many outfits that you can try. Knowing what these are will help you style them effectively.


Consult with a Professional

No one is an expert in every subject and many of us are certainly not experts when it comes to fashion. This is why only certain individuals come up with fashion trends whilst others just follow them. If you are unsure of how to wear classic yet stylish Indian clothing, it may be a smart move to ask a professional for help or educate yourself on fashion. If you do not want to consult with someone, there are blogs and websites that you can read to educate yourself on styling tips for Kurta Pajama as well as many other types of traditional Indian outfits. Just remember to be creative and do what makes you feel good and comfortable within yourself.


Explore The Trends

As we mentioned above, not everyone will have a full understanding of fashion and how to style different types of outfits. If you agree this is your case, exploring what is trendy may be a good idea. You can start by looking at what others are doing and either do the same or use this as inspiration to complete your own looks. Looking for the trends will give you a good perception of what is fashionable and stylish.


Take Care of The Fabric That You Choose

The best way to look your best is by ensuring that your clothes look as good as new. This cannot happen if you do not take care of the fabric properly. Ethnic wear is usually created with particular fabrics that will give the outfit its uniqueness. Although this will make you look incredible, it also means that it may require specific ways for you to take care of it.


Shop For Your Body Type

Shopping for your body type is one of the best tips whenever you want to look stylish. Evidently, everyone has a different body type and not all clothing will look as good as you want it to. You should aim to go for something that will compliment your body shape. However, the main thing is that you feel good within yourself and comfortable enough in whatever you are wearing.



When we think about fashion and style, often we think about the outfit. Many of us neglect the fact that accessories can play an important role in styling outfits. You can add matching jewellery, such as diamond studs, which will make a massive difference. Additionally, dupatta and stole are magnificent additions that will add color, life and style to your outfit.

Many people do not feel comfortable wearing Indian clothing everyday due to not feeling that they fully understand how to style it effectively. Make sure to read the tips discussed below to give you an idea of how to wear and style classic Indian clothing.