Hanging Gardens of Bali is a luxurious destination deep in the heart of thriving Balinese jungle. In January, the hotel was recognised in LUXlife Magazine’s ongoing 2019 Global Luxury Hotel & Spa Awards as the Leading Luxury Jungle Retreat on the island. A frequent appearance on lists of the world’s most beautiful hotels, we were eager to speak to Siswo Susetyo, Hanging Gardens of Bali’s Resort Manager, to find out how they have created a veritable paradise in one of the most picturesque locations on earth.

It would be fair to say that one of the Hanging Gardens of Bali’s key features is its unique two-tiered swimming pool. Indeed, apart from being named “the world’s best” on multiple occasions, it remains a natural draw for those that wants to experience something far beyond the ordinary. Of course, it would be doing a substantial disservice to this truly wonderful hotel to simply stop there – by all regards, the Hanging Gardens of Bali has more tricks up its sleeve than its well documented swimming pools.

Set amidst a flourishing jungle canopy, its secluded location exudes a romantic atmosphere, a sort of magic that can only be found in the juxtaposition between refined beauty and the wild, untamed landscape that surrounds it. It is, to put it simply, an oasis, combining traditional Balinese architecture with western luxury and amenities.

As Siswo explains in more detail, the hotel’s location was specifically selected for maximum visual and emotional impact. “Situated near Payangan, a village north of the town of Ubud, overlooking the Ayung River and ancient Dalem Segara temple, the Hanging Gardens of Bali is a multi-awardwinning resort surrounded by lush rain forests and rice terraces. Each of the hotel’s 44 villas are designed with traditional Alang Alang thatched rooves in complete harmony with nature. The verdant gardens have indigenous flora and fauna, such as cocoa and coffee trees, which blend serenely with bamboo, flame trees and orchids to create a unique tropical paradise. The truly luxurious Spa Collection combines natural, local ingredients and ancient techniques to create beauty therapies and treatments that soothe the mind, rejuvenate the body and energise the soul.”

The crux of any exceptional hotel lies in the guest experience – after all, natural beauty only goes so far in securing a 5-star rating. For Siswo, luxury can be defined by an ability to make sure that every whim is satisfied. “We provide a luxurious approach to the guest experience, ensuring that the guest is satisfied in every way during their visit to the Hanging Gardens of Bali. That is our ultimate goal. We take pride in our approach to genuine hospitality, with every member of staff making sure that it is a part of their daily living behaviour. In addition to that, we make sure that regular training is conducted, and the hotel’s leadership are role models for the staff.”

More than all of that, the Hanging Gardens of Bali offers an experience that few can match. In today’s influencer-driven market, the discerning guest is looking for a hotel that is unusual, different, and away from the well-travelled destinations of the past. As such, places like Indonesia and Thailand are experiencing a resurging interest as people rediscover an interest in travelling further afield, to remote locations, in search of something new.

“One of the most prevalent trends in luxury travel is the idea of the ‘experience’ and travelling to unique destinations around the world. The Hanging Gardens of Bali is, by all regards, one of these luxurious destinations in the heart of the jungle. Today’s customers expect a high efficiency in every aspect of their daily lives, and this expectation only increases when they are a hotel’s guests. We aim to always meet expectations in a unique way and in a way that the Hanging Gardens of Bali can.”

As Siswo explains, utilising technology remains a unique challenge, as the hotel balances a need for a natural, authentic surrounding with modern amenities. “Being a luxury resort, technology and having a high calibre of internet connection is a key concern and is always being maintained.”

Ultimately, words and images can only go so far when it comes to showcasing something that deserves to be personally experienced, revelled in, explored, and enjoyed. Whether it’s the famous swimming pool, the delicious food, or the sounds of wildlife in the jungle below, the Hanging Gardens of Bali is a rare treat indeed. Its status as one of the world’s most luxurious hotels unquestionable, and unchallenged.

Contact: Siswo Susetyo, ResortManager

Address: Desa Buahan Payangan, Gianyar, Bali, 80571, Indonesia

Website: https://hanginggardensofbali.com

Telephone: +62 361 982700