Old and good cognac in old distillery warehouse.

Independent Scottish distiller, Eden Mill, has launched the Cask Mastery Collection, a range of three limited release single malt whiskies, exclusively matured in the finest rum, port and madeira casks, selected for their distinct and flavourful characteristics.

The Cask Mastery Collection single malts, all natural in colour, are the creation of Eden Mill’s passionate and skilled head distiller Scott Ferguson. “Port, madeira and rum casks were purposefully chosen for their unique character and influence on the maturing spirit”, says Scott. “However, it is the differences between the resulting whisky colour and flavour of these non-chill filtered single malts, which is astounding.

“The first in the collection, the rum cask-matured release, has an ABV of 47% and evokes a sense of the Caribbean. A nose of vanilla and banana combines with flavour notes of caramelised pineapple, coconut, black coffee and a soft, spicy oak finish.

“Our port cask matured release, bottled at a full cask strength of 61.1%, packs a lot of flavour, with a fantastic richness and depth”, continues Scott. “It’s the perfect expression for those whisky lovers looking for a succulent single malt. There is a delightful combination of sweetness on the nose, a palate of grapes, dates, raisins, a touch of cocoa powder and a surprisingly spicy, earthy finish.”

The madeira cask matured release, bottled at a full cask strength of 56.8%, is the first ever peated whisky Eden Mill has released.

“It’s been a delight working with a peated whisky”, says Scott. “The smoky notes combine beautifully with the sweet dessert-like flavours the madeira cask has gifted. The whisky has a sweet, almost marzipan-like nose, with sherried notes of apricot, peach and plum across the palate. But it is the lingering citrus notes and touch of peat that finish this single malt so well.”

The Cask Mastery collection is a range of limited releases, with just 290 bottles of the rum cask-aged single malt, 500 bottles of the port cask-aged release and 270 of the madeira cask-aged single malt.

“With such a small number of bottles available, these expressions are very special members of Eden Mill’s whisky portfolio”, concludes Scott.

The three Cask Mastery releases RRP at £170 and are available from Eden Mill stores in the Livingston Designer Outlet Centre and in the heart of St Andrews, as well as on the Eden Mill website. They can also be found at Hard to Find Whisky, the Radisson RED Glasgow, Luvian’s, Taste of Scotland and Masters of Malt.


For more information, please visit www.edenmill.com

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