Woman in full body and face paint to look like a skeleton

Halloween is just around the corner! Costumes and makeup can be a great way to express yourself creatively, experiment with new looks, or show your true colors. There are many Halloween costume ideas that you can choose from in 2021. If you’re looking for some inspiration on what to dress up as this Halloween season, check out these Halloween costumes and makeup ideas!


A doctor or nurse

The Covid-19 pandemic was just one of the many real-life tragedies that Halloween 2020 focused on. There were countless Halloween costumes, makeup, and masks inspired by this terrifying event, particularly doctors and nurses who worked tirelessly to save lives during those challenging times. While it is important to learn from history, Halloween is about having fun!

Covid-19 may be over but since Halloween is about dressing up and having fun, Halloween 2020 was a great opportunity to dress as your favorite doctor or nurse from the pandemic. 


A comic book character 

Comic books have never been more popular than they are now. Many people already dress up as their favorite comic book character every Halloween, but why not make it something different? Instead of dressing up like a traditional superhero or horror movie villain this year for Halloween, consider dressing up based on the covers of your comic books! You can take inspiration from any number of cool comics to create an original Halloween costume that will have everyone talking!

However, sometimes the costume for your favorite character doesn’t fit, so you have to find alternatives. Luckily you can find a plus-size Halloween costume that will feel great and you won’t have any trouble wearing it. Always consider comfort when picking Halloween costumes because you’ll be in them the whole night. 

Here’s a list of comic book characters that are hot on the market now:

  • Harley Quinn
  • Ironman 
  • Deadpool
  • Black Widow
  • Spiderman
  • Captain America 


Bernie Sanders from the meme 

The Bernie Sanders meme won the internet in January and has been a Halloween costume staple ever since. Halloween costumes for 2020 will be no different as Bernie Sanders is still one of the most popular topics on social media platforms like Twitter during Halloween seasons (hence why he’s such an easy Halloween costume to emulate). Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without some Bernie Sanders Halloween costumes. Halloween 2020 is coming up, which means that it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll dress up as for Halloween this year!


Zombies never go out of fashion 

It seems like zombies are always a Halloween classic. And that’s probably because they’re always so much fun to dress as! If you love zombies, why not try out some of the great Halloween zombie costume ideas for the next Halloween party? 

It may not be the most original idea, but it’s always one of the most popular Halloween costume ideas. And it makes sense; zombies are incredibly easy to dress up as! All you need is a mask and some fake blood, and voila, instant zombie makeup! 

If you want to make your Halloween look even more realistic (and who doesn’t?), then why not try out some Halloween zombie prosthetics? These will really help complete the perfect Halloween zombie ensemble. Zombie hands for example can give that extra touch of authenticity when paired with an otherwise basic Halloween outfit like jeans or leggings. Or maybe go all-out by using full-body Halloween zombie costumes instead? That way you’ll be sure people know exactly what character you’re trying to portray on October 31st! 


A character from Bojack Horseman 

The Bojack Horseman Netflix series is full of funny and interesting characters, but one of the best Halloween costumes would be Bojack Horseman himself. All you need are a pair of chuck tailors, jeans, a sweater, a blazer, and a horse head. 

Other characters are pretty easy too. It’s very fun to dress as them since they are mostly animals that walk and act like humans so it’s easy to find the fitting outfit for any of them. You can even get the T-shirt that acts as a tuxedo for Mr. Peanut Butter, or a spider outfit for Quentin Tarantulinu (with which you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone).

You can’t make a mistake with these Halloween costumes. They are so easy to dress up as and you’ll be sure to have a blast at Halloween parties.


A Jedi 

The Star Wars saga never gets old, so Halloween costumes based on the movie are always a great idea.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, you can buy most of what you need for this costume from an online store that provides Halloween outfits at affordable prices. The main items required include black pants or leggings with brown boots and long-sleeved t-shirts in either brown or burgundy. For the head, you will need a white pillowcase and tape to go around your forehead with an image of Yoda on it.

There, now you can be inspired and wear a trendy outfit for Halloween. Make sure to add a little zing to your costume so that it will stick out. Makeup must be great especially if you’re going as a zombie. Make sure your outfits are comfortable and cozy so that you would not feel like ripping off yourself all night. Have fun!