A newly launched rum brand is set to offer even the most discerning palate a truly premium tasting experience. Created by North West entrepreneur Edmund Wood, Belgrove is a single-origin Demerara rum, painstakingly developed to create the highest quality spirit 

Belgrove Rum is distilled from pure Demerara sugar cane grown on the mineral-rich banks of the Demerara River in Guyana. The rum is infused with notes of toasted hazelnut as the predominant flavour, accompanied by notes of Madagascan vanilla and undertones of chocolate, to create a blend that is perfect on the rocks, as a rum Old Fashioned, in an Espresso Martini, or even just with a coke or ginger ale.

Founder Edmund Wood commented:

“Belgrove has been a labour of love for us. We’ve been dedicated to creating an innovative, authentic, contemporary rum and I am delighted to be introducing Belgrove to cocktail fans everywhere. 

“We’ve worked extensively to develop the product and brand to create a rum that is a real taste of luxury, and we’re confident that Belgrove will appeal equally to those who are already rum lovers, and new customers who are looking to expand their palates and discover new flavour experiences.” 

“In the process of bringing Belgrove to life, my passion for creating the highest possible quality product was always a key factor in any decision, which is why we have developed a product using pure, single-origin rum and only natural ingredients to create a delicious taste.”

Product shot 2 x bottles - Belgrove

Belgrove Rum is available now from www.belgroverum.com RRP of £36.95 for 70cl and £14.95 for 20cl, as well as in some of the UK’s best bars.

LUXlife Review
Where other rums tend to hit the nose with a sharp punch, the Belgrove makes an interesting first impression. The hazelnut notes are unmistakable, overpowering the sweetness that sits underneath. Taken straight, the rum is a smooth, nutty delight, hitting the palette with subtlety – a nice change of pace for a drink that tends to land hard and fade on the tongue. As a cocktail, the Belgrove again offers a nice balance. The hazelnut takes a backseat, rising to the forefront after a moment. The aftertaste is all hazelnut, mixed with that distinguishing demerara infusion. It's the perfect accompaniment to your classic Daiquiri (the dark notes here make a nice twist on the traditional), Piña Colada or a Dark & Stormy.