RÉDUIT BOOST: 30 Seconds to Incredible Skin

Your Favorite Skincare Routine + Supercharged Custom Absorption = Up to 5X Better Results

Swiss precision beauty brand, RÉDUIT is the world’s first bespoke skincare device that works in tandem with your existing skincare routine. Featuring entirely new beauty technology, BOOST and its accompanying app, customize your favorite skincare products, ensuring your skin receives the actives it needs most and provides four times more absorption than fingers alone, to give five times better results.

Your skin is uniquely yours – your age, where you live and your lifestyle can impact its condition. RÉDUIT BOOST’s algorithm uses your skin profile to create a one-in-a-billion skincare ritual made just for you. 

BOOST blends personalization with Swiss engineering to dial up the results of your favorite skincare products, creating a powerful customized experience to maximize each active ingredient. Setting a new standard in precision beauty, BOOST amplifies your current routine to give incredible skin in only 30 seconds.

Paul Peros, CEO and brainchild of RÉDUIT, says: “BOOST has the power and technology to make a £100 cream feel like a £500 cosmeceutical treatment. Through the power of first-class Swiss engineering, BOOST utilises Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology operating in the ultra-low frequency, a technological breakthrough in the beauty industry. We can now target specific molecules based on their diamagnetic susceptibility and promote streaming potentials to increase the skin’s permeability. Simply put, this is the aspect which allows BOOST to push those all-important actives deep into your skin where they are needed most.”


How does it work? 

RÉDUIT BOOST’s universal smart skincare technology adapts to cater to your specific skin needs and works in tandem with any skincare product (creams, serums, essences). 

Users start by inputting skin type, gender, age and environment into the accompanying app and scanning in their skincare products. This syncs the device to the skin’s needs. 

Because not all actives belong on the same layer of skin, RÉDUIT BOOST’s smart technology identifies the active ingredients present in the skincare products and tailors a unique “waveform” to push the right ingredients into the skin at the required depth. Antioxidants, for example, need to be at the deepest layers of the epidermis to function. Brightening and hydrating agents belong in the middle layers and UV protection agents should be at the surface. 

Matched with a specially selected LED Light (chosen through the personal information given to the app) BOOST gives you your most efficient and bespoke skincare routine yet.

With BOOST you get:

  • 4X better absorption than with your fingertips 
  • At-home LED photo facial
  • Customized smart routine matched to your skin’s needs
  • Up to 5X better results in just 30 seconds

In-vivo testing showed never seen before results, with better absorption of: 

  • UV Protecting agents: 1.5x 
  • Antioxidants: 2.4X 
  • Brightening Agents: 2.0 x 
  • Hydrating Agents: 5.6 x 
  • Anti-Ageing Agents: 2.2 x 

BOOST is designed to fit perfectly into the palm of your hand, and with a comfortable silicone touch and feel the device glides effortlessly over the skin delivering alternating vibrations for a relaxing, facial massage vibration. 

Available in four sumptuous colours, BOOST’s unique, ergonomic design can easily be taken on the go so that you need not ever leave your skincare routine behind. 

Set to be the next industry disruptor, early birds can secure their BOOST device here: