Global Wedding Awards Awards 2019

Page 14 LUX 2019 Global Wedding Awards “Our wedding cakes aren’t ours,” says Kate Lieberman, owner and Creative Director of Dolce Lusso Cakes: “they’re our clients’. People, who appreciate the finer things in life.” It’s a belief that’s paying off. Established in 2010, her company has since built an enviable reputation for the highest levels of quality, customer service and craft – reflected in the long list of premier venues at which it enjoys ‘preferred supplier’ status. “We typically partner the high end of the wedding market in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, and Central London,” explains Kate. “But our offer and service are bespoke. We’re not limited by location, so if a client comes to us with a cake order for a wedding in Scotland, we’ll deliver.” This flexibility extends to the Italian-inspired aesthetic for which Dolce Lusso Cakes is renowned. “I adore Italy! How can you not? The art, the architecture, the fashion, the food: there’s such variety and richness across the country’s regions and culture.” Ah yes: the food… Dolce Lusso Cakes’ menu of flavours tells you all you need to know. Prosecco, limone, Marsala, Amaretto, cioccolato: the available options embrace the cornerstones of Italian gastronomy. “Prosecco-infused sponge, With a name that stands for ‘sweet luxury’, Dolce Lusso Cakes works for the love of taste and beauty. LUXlife meets the woman behind the brand, and its decadent creations. Dolce Lusso Cakes: Best Wedding Cake Artisan – Oxfordshire filled with Prosecco buttercream and a Prosecco-strawberry jam, is very popular,” Kate tells us. “Our cakes should taste just as good as they look. What we aim for is balance and delicacy. So, they must be light and moist; full of clean, subtle flavour – not overbearingly sweet.” From hand-painted, sugarcraft flowers and 24-carat, gold-leaf detailing to textured and marbled icing, Dolce Lusso’s designs are stunningly elegant. “Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. And we want to embody that in our house style.” Any glance at Kate’s portfolio confirms her skill and dedication. “Well, yes, it is a lot of work,” she laughs. Only that and rare talent could produce results like these. “I’m very fortunate in being able to do what I love – to have had support in taking time to refine my craft, and to have worked with wonderful clients, who’ve trusted my approach.” Kate’s passion is obvious; her ability to apply it even more so. She’s an artist, as well as an artisan. “Few days in our lives are as big or special as a wedding,” she says. “And the details can either make or break it. A wedding cake is more than just a cake: it’s a memorable marker of a couple’s union.” There’s perfectionism at play here, which is why she’s only half joking when she states: “The best ingredient in any creation is the brief. Before we bake anything, we define a client’s vision, budget and requirements first.” Creativity needs proper parameters, and Dolce Lusso Cakes sets them with a personal consultation for every client. “A number of factors directly affect the end deliverable. Using a structured document to help interpret a couple’s needs turns a blank canvas into a roadmap – and a product that wows.” For clients, many of whom book their cakes up to 18 months in advance, this same document is a reassuring reference for what they’ve commissioned. Kate’s process is deliberately collaborative: “Each couple is different – their wedding cake should capture this individuality. Together, we can uncover unique insights to inspire the finished design.” Unique insights, and often special requirements, which Kate is happy to accommodate: “Clients can mix and match flavours across tiers, or for larger weddings, order dummy tiers. We also offer gluten-and egg-free cakes, and cater for specific dietary requests – particularly with Asian weddings.” These days, more and more people are taking food seriously – not just for reasons of taste or health, but also traceability and sustainability. Dolce Lusso Cakes selects the finest raw materials; anything less would compromise its product. “We try to source as much as we can locally, including our lovely, farm-fresh, organic eggs,” says Kate. “We don’t use palm oil; all our flour is free from additives, and our chocolates fair trade.” A 5-star food hygiene rating, and a commitment to minimising plastic waste, point to an environmentally-engaged business. “Everyone can do more to help tackle the climate crisis, and we have plans to invest in further initiatives over the coming year.”