2020 Global Wedding Awards

Page 12 www.lux-review.com LUX Global Wedding Awards 2020 Anyone can take photographs, but capturing the stories inside of them is a real art form. It is a gift that few can master, being able to capture a still image that evokes a thousand memories and senses at a moment’s notice. Seeing how a bride glows in the presence of her father, and the overwhelming waves of emotion that permeate the groom’s face as his beloved walks towards him. It is a splendid thing, to be able to capture these moments, and Alen Kontra has mastered the art. A wedding photographer and videographer of the highest quality, Alen delivers the best in photography and videography services all in one package to those couples who want a smooth-as-possible experience on their most perfect of days. By handling all of these aspects himself, Alen can also make sure that the images and videos are of a consistent quality, delivering those sought-after moments that the newlywed couple crave. Based in Melbourne, Alen is often inspired by the real people at the weddings he photographs. Their love and individual story is what he utilises to ensure that their photos truly encapsulate everything about who they are as two separate people, and as one together. Despite being based in Melbourne, Alen is more than happy to travel across the Life is captured and eternalised in photographs, snapshots of happiness and joy that have been captured by experts in understanding the right moment to take a shot. Photographs can capture intimate moments that no-one else sees, or immortalise those moments that people wish to cherish forever. There are few more intimate or important moments in a person’s life than their wedding, and capturing those moments demands the best. The best is Alen Kontra, and his work speaks for itself. Mar20189 Alen Kontra Photography Best Wedding Photographer (Victoria): Alen Kontra state of Victoria, uncovering stunning new locations and exploring new areas for that dream photograph. Australia is not short of these spectacular places, and Alen’s ability to use them in his shots is second to none. Armed his with trusty camera, Alen’s style is one of natural freshness, mixing together a compelling blend of candid and artistic shots that are sure to reflect the couple themselves, whether that be romantic and sweet, or silly and happily joyful. For so many people, the idea of having strangers at their wedding is one they would not dare entertain. A wedding is a place of love and celebration, where hugs and kisses are shared every minute. A stranger would feel out of place. That is why Alen ensures that by the time the wedding comes around, he is no stranger. Instead, he is a friend; another familiar face at the wedding who is intent on capturing all of the most joyous moments from the most perfect of days for the happy couple. In what has become an over-saturated market, Alen’s work continues to stand out. Despite the overabundance of digital cameras and average photographers, Alen’s work speaks for itself and stands out as truly exceptional, capturing the exquisiteness and luxury of each unique wedding day. It is about more than taking good pictures; it is about the whole service that Alen provides. He is more than a photographer and videographer. Alen can be a problem-solver, a friend, a listener, a message deliverer, and anything in between. Carrying out every task with grace, dignity, and compassion, this photographer is one of the most exceptional in the industry today. However, Alen is not alone, working with a number of second shooters on various occasions. Collaborating as part of a tremendous team, all those who work with Alen Kontra Photography can be assured of fun, enjoyment, and most importantly, images and videos of the highest possible quality. All of the second shooters that Alen partners with are held to the same impeccable standard he demands of himself. So much so that Alen would not employ anyone that he himself would be not happy with shooting his own wedding. Creating photographs and videos for weddings is an art form, and one that Alen takes a great amount of joy in doing. Giving the happy couple the time to focus on one another, Alen and his team offer all-in-one service that is based on trust. Together, Alen and his clients create photographs that are ethereal, exceptional, and elegant in every sense of the word, resulting in memories that can be treasured for a lifetime. Company: Alen Kontra Photography Contact: Alen Kontra Website: www.alenkontraphotography.com

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