2020 Global Wedding Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 13 LUX Global Wedding Awards 2020 Wedding-related jewellery can be amongst some of the most beautiful jewellery in the world, symbolising love beyond all measure and comprehension. Every single wedding and engagement is unique, and the perfect way to represent that is with a bespoke piece of jewellery that will be treasured forever. Vault Fine Jewellery creates these bespoke pieces of jewellery through a personalised experience that draws on the client’s brief and vision for what this piece of jewellery should represent. Personalising the jewellery- making experience allows the firm to better recommend and develop design ideas that suit the client best, resulting in some of the finest jewellery that any client would be proud to wear on their wedding day. The team at Vault Fine Jewellery work with only the finest and most luxurious materials, including 18-22-karat gold, high-quality natural diamond, gemstones, pearls, and type-A jade. Armed with such a luxurious array of crafting materials and stones, the designers and master craftsmen are empowered to constantly come up with fresh designs and ideas for new and exciting pieces of bespoke The perfect piece of jewellery cannot be measured simply by price. It embodies emotion, aesthetics, and creativity, but also something more personal. Wedding and engagement jewellery is deeply intimate, embodying the connection between two loving individuals who are devoting their lives to one another. This level of connection requires jewellery that is unique, sacred, and meaningful. That is where Vault Fine Jewellery comes in, specialising in designing bespoke pieces whose very essence encapsulates everything the client wants and more. Mar20387 Vault Fine Jewellery Pte Ltd. Leaders in Bespoke Fine Jewellery 2020 – Singapore jewellery for clients. Throughout the firm’s existence, it has specialised in bespoke bridal jewellery, with clients often turning to the firm for engagement rings, wedding bands, and bridal jewellery sets. In Asian culture, the act of gifting is also often practiced during matrimonial types of events, and can be exchanged between parents and children, other such relatives, in-laws, or even close friends. Whilst bridal jewellery sets and wedding-related jewellery is highly popular for couples, the clients that visit Vault Fine Jewellery are from all walks and ages of life. But every service and piece of bespoke jewellery is ultimately part of a meaningful and emotional event. Jewellery brings people together in happy moments, celebrating the beauty and majesty of a designed jewel. Creating bespoke jewellery has become an increasingly competitive industry, and luxury businesses such as Vault Fine Jewellery have found themselves in a race of time, creativity, and production methodology. The industry has developed over the years, introducing more technology in design and production, meaning that companies have had to adapt in order to stay at the top, providing luxurious services that others simply cannot match. Jewellery can be a very niche industry, let alone bespoke wedding jewellery that is significant to an individual. Every piece counts, and Vault Fine Jewellery continues to set an industry benchmark for luxury. Bespoke jewellery-making is not a career for everyone, but for those who want to pursue it, it requires both initiative and teamwork. Every member of the team at Vault Fine Jewellery has an increased level of interest and knowledge in jewellery, a responsible nature, highly effective communication skills, and a willingness to learn more about the craft. Being knowledgeable and responsible helps to leave clients at ease when working with the firm, and ensures a truly memorable piece of bespoke jewellery. The dynamic within Vault Fine Jewellery is one of warmth and welcoming, creating high-quality jewellery whilst forging friendships that last a lifetime. That aforementioned communication is key when it takes weeks or even months to craft a bespoke order. Engagements and weddings are the happiest times in one’s life, and should be celebrated with things that are deeply personal. These rings and other jewellery items from Vault Fine Jewellery are perfect for any occasion, sealing the memories with a diamond that has been created especially for that occasion. Made with the highest levels of emotion, creativity, and uniqueness, these jewels from Vault Fine Jewellery are nothing short of exceptional. Company: Vault Fine Jewellery Pte Ltd. Contact: Jocelyn Tan Website: https://vaultfinejewellery.com/