2020 Global Wedding Awards

Page 20 www.lux-review.com LUX Global Wedding Awards 2020 A secluded and elegant world of its own, the Middle Temple is the perfect place to host the perfect wedding. From the pure and unbridled elegance of the Prince’s Room, to the majesty and grandeur of the magnificent Hall, to the beauty and natural wonder of the Gardens, there is everything here to make every wedding dream come true. Akin to a fairy tale, this deeply historical and traditional venue is a truly unique space that will leave guests in a near-constant state of awe and wonder. Every crack and crevice oozes history and has a story to tell. Now, the Middle Temple welcomes those who seek their dream wedding and invite them to carve out their own story within its sacred and luxurious walls. Prior to any ceremony taking places, clients can first make a visit to the spectacular Middle Temple, meeting with the friendly and attentive events team to ensure everything is perfect for the big day itself. From a guided tour of the facilities and rooms, to an in-depth discussion of individual requirements, to final preparations for the wedding of their dreams, clients can come to the team at the Middle Temple with anything and see it fulfilled with masterful dedication. Imagine stepping immediately from the bustling streets of London town into the cobbled and lantern-lit paths of an era long gone. An enchanting place, far removed from the busyness of life in the English capital, The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple is almost a place of fantasy and wonder, where dream weddings can be made into a perfect reality. Memorable and magical, discover the luxury of a wedding hosted at one of London’s most desirable wedding venues. Mar20060 The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple Best High-End Wedding Venue 2020 - Greater London Following in the footsteps of some of the greatest names in human history, couples can take their place in each other’s lives in the greatest of halls that has housed the likes of William Shakespeare, Sir Francis Drake, and even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I amongst others. It is a place whose history can be seen and felt in every room, in every step taken throughout its hallowed halls. Making the ultimate decision to commit two lives together here is the epitome of luxury and splendour, and each wedding is just as enchanting and enthralling as the next. With the Middle Temple licensed to hold ceremonies in all of its rooms, including the Prince’s Room and the Hall, there is no shortage to the luxury that couples can enjoy as part of their big day. However, for those who desire a ceremony that takes place in a church, the Middle Temple is ideally situated close to several historic and beautiful churches. Should members of the Middle and Inner Temples wish to get married, themselves and their families are welcome to make use of the renowned Temple Church itself, whilst those with a connection to the Royal Air Force have the nearby St Clement Dane’s church in The Strand. Tradition and elegance are king at the Middle Temple, and its marriage ceremonies and gatherings are perfect for those who understand the power that history can impart on us today. Perfect photograph opportunities abound at the Middle Temple, with each of its stunning rooms boasting gorgeous detailing and impeccable backdrops. Couples can escape to private rooms or the tranquil gardens for those more intimate moments, whilst guests can be eternalised by the photographers in some of the Middle Temple’s most famous places. Guests and couples alike can be photographed in the elegant Prince’s Room to evoke a true and authentic sense of historical romanticism. Whatever the desire, the Middle Temple will work tirelessly with clients to ensure they have beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Steeped in history and tradition, the Middle Temple is otherworldly and ethereal in its beauty. Its rich culture and divine exquisiteness make for the perfect setting for that dream wedding, allowing the bride and groom to feel truly special on a day that is all about celebrating the people that they are, and the life they are about to embark on together. There are few more luxurious places on Earth that can host such a celebration than the Middle Temple, and it is a worthy winner of the title of Best High-End Wedding Venue 2020 - Greater London. Company: The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple Contact: Anneli Lort Website: https://www.middletemple.org.uk/