2020 Global Wedding Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 21 LUX Global Wedding Awards 2020 After getting married in August of 2017, husband-and-wife team Adam and Arleta Czajewski developed their luxury wedding videography and photography company to specialise in producing high-end wedding videos and photographs for private events in the UK and across Europe. The last few years has also meant some serious hard work and graft for Adam and Arleta to develop their own unique style of wedding photography, one that perfectly captures the feeling and emotion of the celebrations, as well as their individual personalities. With a whole-hearted love for their craft, there are few better couples who understand just how important having luxurious wedding photographs and videos is to the memory of the whole day. Weddings are one of the few occasions in life where individuals can have all of their loved family and friends with them in the same place, celebrating together. Capturing those moments is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and to capture them at their most authentic without the posing is pure joy. The resulting photos and videos from Czajewski Films are more than simply that; they are a family heirloom that will last for generations to come. Wedding photography and videography is a luxury that many engaged couples will make room for in the wedding budget. The chance to have those happiest moments preserved for all eternity is a chance that few other events in a person’s life get. Capturing the beauty of laughter and the intimacy of a newly-married couple is a precious opportunity, and one that the husband-and- wife team of Adam and Arleta Czajewski welcome with open arms. Discover the luxury of their wedding videography and photography company, Czajewski Films as we go behind the lens to learn more. Apr20037 Czajewski Films Best Wedding Cinematographer 2020 - UK Operating as a husband-and-wife team allows Adam and Arleta to not only be dynamic when working as wedding photographers and videographers, but also to see moments from a different emotional and technical perspective when taking photographs and videos. Where a technically brilliant photographer might miss a moment of deep emotional connection, Czajewski Films captures it. Where a photographer focused almost exclusively on the emotion of a wedding day might miss an opportunity for a technically fantastic shot, Czajewski Films will not miss it. Expertly, and in luxurious fashion, Adam and Arleta marry together emotion and technical perfection to create the perfect wedding album. That knowledge and skill is further enhanced by Adam and Arleta’s experience on the other side of the camera lens. Having married in August 2017, the pair can completely relate to their clients, and how it feels to have everything documented on the day. They bring an unparalleled and unmatched understanding and appreciation for which moments are the most important to capture throughout the wedding day, and which shots will stand the test of time when looking back at this perfect day. Czajewski Films’ company ethos is very much one of quality over quantity, and one of always going the extra mile to help couples both on their wedding day, and with the post- wedding editing process for any photographs and videos taken on the day. No feeling matches up to the quality of seeing a newly married coupled watch their wedding film and photographs for the very first time, and the quality of Czajewski Films’ efforts are truly luxurious. Documenting one’s wedding day is a luxury service and being able to keep and treasure such precious memories is something that cannot be matched. The luxury of Adam and Arleta’s service as Czajewski Films lies in its ability to immortalise those fleeting moments, helping them to last a lifetime and make every day as happy as that perfect wedding day. Company: Czajewski Films Contact: Adam Czajewski Website: https://www.czajewskifilms.com/