2021 Global Excellence Award Packages

Welcome Money never sleeps’ and when it turns its attention to leisure pursuits, it sure knows how to have a good time! LUX-life Magazine is delighted to present to you the acclaimed 2021 Global Excellence Awards. Renowned for fair and analytical comment towards some of the world’s most luxurious markets, businesses and service providers. It is our absolute pleasure to, once again, delve deep into the world of lavished luxury with the aim of presenting to our readers a comprehensive and honest representation of the very best that the international global luxury lifestyle has to offer. From importing, curating and distributing luxury vehicles, jewellery or fine art; to arranging luxury experiences, or providing luxury transport, concierge or security services, the Global Excellence Awards honours the contributions of the very best of those whose aim is above and beyond the competition. They will have demonstrated excellence within their chosen sector and market, regardless of whether that is on a global or local basis, to some of the world’s most discerning clientele!