2021 Global Wedding Awards

Page 14 www.lux-review.com LUX 2021 Global Wedding Awards The team at Little Gems each started out working in the educational system for a collective of 36 years, where they planned for the children in their care, and they discovered a shared love for arts and crafts. Their desire to take their designs and creations further led to them getting creative with various materials and exploring the different ways to use them. They found themselves doing something they loved and they wanted to invite other people to be a part of it, thus the idea of starting a business came into existence. Starting a business seemed daunting, but with the knowledge pulled from various avenues, a business plan in order and product designs in motion, the excitement of a new venture drove the team to make the business happen. Little Gems was born, and the team began creating bespoke frames featuring LEGO characters, wooden family trees and graphics, along with a range of other customisable items such as socks, cufflinks, mugs, keyrings and t-shirts for customers to order online. The company is always releasing fresh designs so there is constantly new products for customers to choose from for their special recipient. It strives to create high-quality gifts with a truly unique and personal touch at honest, affordable prices to suit any budget, whether the occasion is Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, birthdays, a new home or a wedding day. With weddings now being booked, personalised gifts are a must. Little Gems’ wonderful range of fully customisable wedding Little Gems Online is a small family business established in Weston Super Mare in 2015, and originated many years before, which creates and sells unique personalised gifts for any occasion including framed pictures via its online shop. With the company offering wedding gifts like no other, customers are sure to provide the happy couple they know with a gift they’ll cherish forever. Apr21174 Little Gems Online Best for Special Occasion Bespoke Framed Pictures - South West England gifts includes quirky frames featuring the bride and groom as LEGO people, their names spelled out in Scrabble tiles, and many more delightful designs. It also offers personalised jigsaw keyrings, heart-shaped hanging slates featuring personalised text, and jewellery. Customers have plenty of choice and by purchasing a totally unique gift, there’s little risk of someone else having bought it too! Essential to making the company work and grow is each member of its small yet powerful team who all have their own talents, along with its customers with whom it works to ensure their gift is perfect and will make their recipient smile. The company also prides itself on its communication with customers, which is vital for ensuring it provides the best service possible and so it is always clear on their request and gets it right. And if it turns out that a customer is unhappy with their product, the company will look to refund and replace, with customer satisfaction being its top priority. Customers can also easily get in touch with the company by calling, emailing, messaging via WhatsApp or submitting a form on the company website. Being an online business, Little Gems hasn’t faltered in making sales throughout the pandemic with the team continuing to create items to order, packaging them with care and quickly dispatching them to the customers. Indeed, it’s clear to see that the company is thriving, shown through 23,813 likes and 5 out of 5 stars on 100% of its 305 reviews on its Facebook page, and there is no doubt that it will continue to grow in popularity and success. Company: Little Gems Online Website: https://littlegemsonline.co.uk/