2021 Global Wedding Awards

Page 16 www.lux-review.com LUX 2021 Global Wedding Awards Beauty is at the heart of what Natali Kelly does. Her work at her clinic is built around enhancing how ladies look so they can stun on their wedding days. Based on Walton Street in Chelsea, Natali brings her skills as an Aesthetic Practitioner, Lifestyle Consultant and Reiki Healer in order to head up a team of aestheticians, facialists and healers that have revolutionised the bridal market. The creation of this beautiful, high-end clinic has been brought about by Natali’s passion for her work. She is proud to have her finger on the pulse of new beauty developments as well as being able to offer these exciting procedures to the general public. Her menu of treatments and improvements spans the full range of beauty work, including everything from anti-wrinkle injections to skin rejuvenation treatments to cosmetic dermatology. When people leave Natali Kelly, the aim is for them to look and feel revitalised, with a renewed zest for life. Natali’s ethos has always been if you look good, you feel good and the reverse is also true. Investing in feeling good has an instant impact on your appearance. That is why Natali Kelly doesn’t just deal with physical treatments. The holistic approach that Natali inspired has allowed her and her team to provide totally bespoke treatments that are suitable for each client’s individual story. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been enormous, and the shortness of the wedding season will likely see many brides requiring ‘quick fixes’ to prepare themselves for their big days. These will include small When it comes to looking beautiful before the big day, brides-to-be have the chance to plan a strict regime that will make them look their best. That’s where the team at Natali Kelly come in. Led by the eponymous Natali, the team has achieved some amazing results, which has led to their success in the Global Wedding Awards. We take a look at how she has transformed her clients, so they look their best on the most important days of their lives. Mar21198 Natali Kelly Best Aesthetics Clinic for Brides 2021 - England anti-wrinkle procedures, radio frequency skin tightening treatments and cleansing facials. Fortunately, the team are prepared and on hand to tackle this challenge of demand. The delay of the clinic’s launch has only increased anticipation for their incredible services. The team that Natali has brought together is small, but perfectly formed. Each talented practitioner has their own talents and expertise and they respect these differences between each other. This allows for incredible levels of support and encouragement whenever the opportunity arises. Creating a scenario for this positive energy to thrive is so important to the running of a successful clinic. As a new clinic, the future seems bright of the team at Walton Street. They are ideally positioned to gain a new reputation within the industry, and amongst brides to be, as a hub of wellness and beauty. New treatments are being launched all the time, and Natali Kelly is often unique within the UK when it comes to access. The NuEra Tight, for example, is a noninvasive treatment that uses radiofrequency energy (RF) to smooth skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. The treatment is painless with minimal downtime. Since opening our brides have loved our buttock lifting technique, which is perfect for fitting into that dress after lockdown and being beach body honeymoon ready! Luxury is more than just looks, and the holistic approach provided by the Natali Kelly team ensures that what they offer is truly second to none. Their success is well-deserved, and certain to continue long into the future. Company: Natali Kelly Name: Natali Kelly Team Email: [email protected] Web Address: https://www.natalikelly.com/