2021 Global Wedding Awards

Page 24 www.lux-review.com LUX 2021 Global Wedding Awards For Gary Meaden Master Jeweller, the purpose of ring and jewellery design is to harness the eternal emotional value surrounding the diamond, crafting exquisite pieces that are cherished as fondly as the memories associated with them. Today, Gary Meaden is an internationally acclaimed designer and expert in luxury bespoke engagement rings, with an outstanding reputation for exquisite taste and client-centricity that is embedded into each unique design. The history of this Auckland-based jewellers begins in 1951, when Gary’s father began his own career as a master diamond setter. Consequently, Gary developed a profound love for the art of bespoke jewellery at a young age and began his own journey to becoming a master jeweller over forty years ago at Graff Diamonds Workshop in Hatton Garden, London’s world-renowned centre for jewellery and design. Here, Gary honed and refined the skills that he would take to Auckland, New Zealand in 2005, where he established his own company of jewellers as a continuation of his father’s business. However, unlike his father in the 1950s, Gary has a portfolio of cutting-edge technology at his disposal to support him in his mission to redefine accessible luxury, combining elegant design with the highest quality and value for money. Gary and his team were early adopters of the power of 3D computer- assisted design (CAD) services for jewellery, and are today regarded as the leaders of their field in New Zealand. Using CAD services No wedding is complete without a fine frosting of spectacular jewels and diamonds, like those offered by Auckland-based Gary Meaden Master Jeweller. Since 1951, the family of jewellers has been crafting magnificent bespoke pieces fit for all special occasions, from weddings to landmark birthdays to completing high fashion looks. We find out more about Gary Meaden and his internationally renowned brand. Apr21248 Gary Meaden Master Jeweller Best Diamond Jewellery Makers 2021 - New Zealand enables the creation of high quality, photo- realistic jewellery renders during the design process as well as the development of resin models printed onsite with 3D printers, so that clients can try on their bespoke piece before committing to production in either gold or platinum. With this technology, Gary is able to create bespoke jewellery that meets and exceeds his clients’ visions for their exquisite pieces. As a result, thanks to the enhanced options that are enabled through CAD services, clients can make more informed decisions throughout the creation process. Few others can match Gary and his team for dedicated service, which is built upon strong, long- term relationships with clients, suppliers and business partners, and an internal culture of creativity and collaboration. A specialised and diverse team bringing together perspectives from across the world, the team at Gary Meaden Master Jeweller are united in their ambitions for excellence in handcrafting every piece from conception through creation to fruition. They are able to share knowledge and advice in their Diamond Education services, providing a comprehensive experience for clients that ensures they are more than satisfied with the finished result. Together, Gary and his team strive to create sustainable fine jewellery that inspires love and beauty, constantly in pursuit of perfection as they marry creativity, innovation and technology to deliver a jewellery design service that is unrivalled in New Zealand and beyond. Thus, while continuing to develop their portfolio to combine contemporary design and personal storytelling in magnificent pieces for customers across the globe, Gary and his team are looking ahead, with plans to build on the momentum for greater sustainability that has been in motion since lockdown 2020. The team of jewellers also plans to provide more options to their customers, offering flexibility in costs, design, and the ethics of their pieces, thanks to the introduction of lab-created diamonds. Clients will also be able to use the company’s new website to have the choice of purchasing individual diamond gemstones for the best price possible, so that they can then call upon their local jeweller to bring that piece together, if preferable. As such, Gary and his team continue to play a significant role in the crafting of treasures and heirloom pieces that will hold cherished memories for many lifetimes to come. Clients can rely on Gary to bring to life the pieces of their dreams in a way that is professional and conscientious, redefining luxury to be accessible to all. Contact: Gary Meaden Company: Gary Meaden Master Jeweller Web Address: www.garymeaden.nz Email: [email protected]