2021 Global Wedding Awards

Page 28 www.lux-review.com LUX 2021 Global Wedding Awards Wedding parties have changed in the last year. Where there was a taste for big budget extravaganzas, now couples are looking to spend time with their nearest and dearest. With many people’s budgets limited, it’s little wonder that tastes have moved towards an occasion that is a little more personalized, offering an intimate look at the couple and their journey towards union. That personal approach is key to the success of Ladd Stamps. Ladd Stamps focuses on the creation of customized embossers, wax seals, and rubber stamps that can be used on the stationery and décor used on the wedding day. The team provide designs that the happy couple can customize with their details, or even submit their own images that encapsulate what the day is all about. All the artwork created is to the highest standards, and Ladd Stamps has earned a reputation for being of the best quality in the industry. All artwork is carefully drafted for the best impressions, and the team ensure that they are in constant updates and communication with clients to guarantee satisfaction. When you buy a Ladd Stamps product, you don’t just buy an item that is for the wedding day, it’s a momento of that special experience that will be with you forever. Like you marriage, their products stand the test of time because they are made with passion and commitment. As you work through the next exciting chapters of life, Ladd Stamps will continue to be with you on the journey. While weddings are a major part of what the Ladd Stamps team do, their work has also The world of the wedding has become more personal over the years. What were once big affairs have now become moments in history to be cherished and remembered. Adding the personal touch is key, therefore, and that’s just what the team at Ladd Stamps enable. We take a look at the services on offer, and how they can make a real difference to the events surrounding the big day. Mar21230 Ladd Stamps Best Custom Embossers & Wax Seal Solutions Company 2021 seen growth from start-ups and organizations looking for ways to elevate their brand and packaging. The personal touch is something that is hard to quantify, but is also an invaluable way to connect with customers and clients. Much like a wedding invite, what Ladd Stamps are offering is a way of personally connecting with people. This is not only the underlying heart of business, but a sure-fire way of being able to thrive moving forward. The Ladd Stamps business has been incredible busy over the last few months, and the team are looking at how they will be launching the latest exciting additions to their design collections. With new options always in demand, this work will ensure that what you need for your wedding day is available easily and swiftly. One of the most exciting developments is a new wax stamp style this year that will be more heat-resistant and thus provide a faster cooling time when creating wax seals. Looking into these new developments and ideas, while continuing to offer exceptional service is what sets Ladd Stamps apart from the competition. We celebrate the team’s amazing success in the Global Wedding Awards, and cannot wait to see what they come up with next. Company: Ladd Stamps Name: Kerstie Lim Email: [email protected] Web Address: laddstamps.com