2021 Global Wedding Awards

Page 38 www.lux-review.com LUX 2021 Global Wedding Awards Clients come to Fifi’s Cakery with an idea of how they would like their wedding cake to look, but they know the whole point of a cake is that it tastes delicious as ultimately, it is food! The cakery works with couples to ensure their ideas and style are brought into the design of the cake. There are no set designs to choose from; each cake is tailor-made to each couple’s ideas so that it really is their own unique creation to perfectly complement their wedding day. Founded by Fifi Byrne, Fifi’s Cakery is a one woman show. Fifi prefers to create each aspect of each cake and know that every element of the process is given the Fifi’s Cakery touch of service, precision and above all, kindness, from the initial email contact to designing, baking, decorating, setting the cake up at the venue on the wedding day, and getting a glimpse of the excited couple to wish them well. The wedding cake is really the fun part of the wedding planning, from getting to taste an array of different cake flavours during a consultation to having free reign to create the cake of one’s dreams. It really should be enjoyed from start to finish and Fifi aims to ensure each couple receives the service to reflect this. Obviously, COVID has had a devastating effect on the whole wedding sector; the challenge for Fifi’s Cakery has been just surviving as a business so as to honour contracts when weddings are able to go ahead with the number of guests couples want to celebrate with. Having a drastic loss of income for over a year has created Fifi’s Cakery handcrafts wedding cakes with an artistic style on the outside and the softest, fluffiest sponge cake made from fresh, all-natural ingredients and traditional baking methods on the inside. So many wedding cakes look amazing but are a let down when you slice into them – At Fifi’s Cakery, the aim is to wow its clients with the cake on the outside, but then save the best for when they cut into the cake and get to taste just how gorgeous it is. Mar21186 Fifi’s Cakery Best Wedding Cake Design Business - Cambridgeshire tangents to the business with celebration cakes now able to be catered for as there is suddenly time in the diary – This has grown a loyal repeat business local customer base. To widen the customer net, Fifi has also found a method of posting cupcakes safely and so has launched an online shop to courier cakes all over mainland UK. She had also previously held cake decorating classes in the cakery, but these had to come to a halt too; however they returned as Zoom classes where all the cakes and icings and equipment were posted to each attendee so they could take part virtually. These virtual classes have proved so successful that they are continuing following lockdown, enabling more classes to be slotted in among weddings and reaching more cake decorating fans all over the UK. It’s amazing the silver linings that can be found within such a dark time for everyone. Meanwhile, 2021 is expected to be a really busy and exciting time for Fifi’s Cakery as it is looking like weddings will be back to their full capacity from July onwards, so a lot of Fifi’s couples who have waited for over a year to get married are finally going to get their day of celebration while surrounded by their friends and family. In addition to the wedding season starting back again with a bang, the new products that Fifi’s Cakery has developed during the pandemic will continue so customers all over the UK will be able to order celebration cakes, cupcakes in the post and also join online Zoom classes to perfect their cake decorating skills without having to be local to the cakery. To add to this, Fifi’s Cakery’s latest venture is offering cupcakes and cakes for sale on the online shop dedicated to supporting Women’s Aid, a charity close to Fifi’s heart that helps women who are victims of domestic abuse, giving them support and help to escape violence and start a life of safety. She is now a Women’s Aid ambassador and has launched new Wonder Woman cupcakes and Pink Lady cakes for sale with the proceeds going to Refuge with each purchase. It’s a great way to raise awareness of such a worthy cause and enables customers to buy cakes and make a charitable contribution at the same time. Cakes and kindness all the way! Company: Fifi’s Cakery Contact: Fifi Byrne Website: www.fifiscakery.com