2021 Global Wedding Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 39 LUX 2021 Global Wedding Awards Aquafuzion is a leading wedding planner and florist that has helped to shape some of the most spectacular weddings and special occasions throughout the Los Angeles area. We caught up with Founder Debbie Liaw, who tells us more about Aquafuzion as it celebrates recent success at the Global Wedding Awards 2021. Aquafuzion Best Comprehensive Wedding Planning Services - California Apr21021 The accredited LA-based design studio Aquafuzion is the area’s ultimate destination for wedding planner and floristry services, well-renowned for going above and beyond to help clients bring the wedding day or special occasion of their dreams to life. Aqua (or water) being one of the critical elements for life here represents a pattern of energy that transforms life, much like marriage transforms the lives of devoted couples around the world every day. ‘Fuzion’ represents the fusion of relationships between planner and couple in a trusting connection that forms with the singular ambition to create a day with memories that last a lifetime. Hence, Aquafuzion represents the fusing of life’s transformative elements in everlasting love with the professional and expert guidance of a team of creative and experienced designers, planners and assistants. At the head of the team is Founder, CEO and Creative Director, Debbie Liaw, a compassionate yet professional designer who offers years of experience and partnerships with prestigious institutions such as the Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, and Langham Huntington. With her team of conscientious and reliable professionals, Debbie takes pride in orchestrating the dream wedding days or special occasions of her clients, offering comprehensive services that encompass stunning floral arrangements and bespoke invitations as part of the firm’s unwavering commitment to creating an unforgettable experience, whether it be a smaller, more intimate affair, or a grand, three- day wedding weekend. Recognizing that her clients are predominantly busy, well-educated and detail-oriented individuals looking for direction or time- saving assistance in their event planning, Debbie and her team are dedicated to delivering thorough, precise, and transparent services. “We take great care to offer exceptional, personalized service for our disconcerting clients,” Debbie explains. “We value the couple’s satisfaction rather than the dollar and have a sincere passion for what we do on a full-time basis.” As a result, Aquafuzion has become a trusted partner to families and individuals throughout the Los Angeles area, being regularly called upon in the years after a wedding to plan celebrations of new milestones. Aquafuzion has helped families of all cultures, lifestyles and aesthetic tastes to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, the weddings of relatives, and baby showers, becoming a valued asset and treasured friend to those families as it plays a key role in the many landmark moments of a lifetime. With this privilege comes a great deal of responsibility, as Debbie knows and acknowledges. As such, her team is built from individuals with a strong but kind character, who value relationships and who embody attributes of honesty and reliability to create a positive and collaborative working environment in which gratitude and respect are expressed on a daily basis. The result is a strong and unified team that strives to pamper and delight clients, delivering spectacular events that not only meet but exceed their expectations. Debbie and her team are currently in the process of putting together an initiative called Aquafuzion Appreciation Gatherings, which will be evenings dedicated to pampering long-term clients who have become friends of the company over the years to thank them for their valued patronage. After a year that has put pressure on the global wedding industry, the support of Aquafuzion’s clients has been crucial to the firm in staying motivated, despite having to let team members go, postponing many weddings, and missing face-to-face consultations with clients. However, thanks to digital platforms like Zoom and strict Covid-19 protocols, Aquafuzion has been able to continue working with clients to create their weddings and special occasions for this year and beyond as the wedding industry reopens. In the meantime, Aquafuzion has adjusted its offering, developing an online floral business for every day and all occasion flowers that customers could send to loved ones. In addition, the team worked with trusted vendors to put together a Covid-safe wedding for one lucky couple that was selected to ‘elope’ for a micro- wedding, free of charge. As such, despite the global pandemic, Aquafuzion has continued to dedicate itself to giving some of Los Angeles’ most beautiful love stories the celebration they deserve. Thus, as Aquafuzion celebrates success at the Global Wedding Awards 2021 and prepares for its busiest year yet, Debbie is excitedly making plans for the future, reflecting on its objectives for the next five years. In the meantime, she is growing the Luxury Package Service department and Floral Studio Gift Shop Boutique of Aquafuzion, ensuring the business is in optimum condition for the incoming surge of celebrations that Debbie, her team, and her clients have been eagerly awaiting for more than a year. Contact: Debbie Liaw Company: Aquafuzion Web Address: www.aquafuzion.com