2021 Global Wedding Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 43 LUX 2021 Global Wedding Awards Getting back into wedding photography after a temporary hiatus due to Covid-19, Casey Micallef works with charisma, talent, and a distinctively empathetic eye to perfectly encapsulate life’s most important landmarks. Determined to constantly upskill and develop, her clients appreciate her dedication to consistently exemplary standards. Casey Micallef Photography Wedding Photographer of the Year (Mid North Coast): Casey Micallef Mar21258 Casey Micallef is a photographer working hard to capture life’s most momentous moments for her clients in her region of picturesque Australia. With an inspirational landscape and inspirational clients, she is driven by her founding principle that all families deserve to be photographed in beautiful, memorable ways that showcase their individuality, and this has allowed Casey to built up a truly outstanding portfolio. She is proficient in shooting a wide range of things from scenery to iconic landscape elements, but where she truly shines is portraiture. Over the course of her career, she has proven able to capture everything from posed shots to perfect candid shots with professionalism and diligence, working hard to upskill over the years so her services remain competitive and contemporary. Through her images, the emotion of the subjects is truly felt. This is something truly special about Casey Micallef’s work, as the clients find their life’s pinnacle moments turned into long lasting visual memories that they can take with them into the future. Offering everything from weddings to Indulge experience empowerment photoshoots, family sessions, and more, Casey’s work is highly sought after and has made her a household name, pushing her to prominence as an exemplary solo trader in the wedding industry. The recent nomination for the Wedding Photographer of the Year award has come from the recent photoshoot she did for a couple at their wedding in Villa Vivante, Coffs Harbour. The well-developed eye she employs in her work is evident in every picture, from couple shots that portray the love the couple feel for each other to images of the venue and sweeping landscape. Needless to say, Casey was pleased to be able to get back to wedding photography in earnest after a long and sometimes distressing lockdown, wherein many couples had to cancel or postpone events. The call to provide her services for Emily and Blake’s Villa Vivante nuptials came quite close to the day, as like many couples the two had worked fast to schedule in a wedding with a tightly knit guest list, ever-aware that the future in a world grappling with a pandemic is uncertain by nature. Due to this, Casey didn’t have the benefit of walking the venue beforehand, but still performed with the exemplary attitude and results her clients have come to expect; Emily and Blake have since joined her long roster of satisfied clientele. First and foremost, Casey Micallef preserves memories. She works behind the lens to forever preserve the real emotions in front of it, and whilst photography wasn’t Casey’s first calling in life, it was something that she grew a passion for as her children were growing up. She began to feel a deep regret that she didn’t have more photos of her with her kids when they were younger, growing a deeper appreciation of the sentimental value of professional family photography. Now, this is her mission; to provide the service that she herself wishes she had taken up more often, immortalising people’s most important memories for them and their family to look back on fondly for years to come. Due to this, wedding photography has become a large part of living up to this mission. Casey thinks of her work as ‘more than a photo’ – instead, it is a frozen snapshot of a wider story, encapsulated by Casey’s distinctive and sensitive stylings. Forever pushing herself towards reaching for more inspiration and further developing her work, Casey’s already stunning portfolio promises to become even more so as she moves forwards towards a bright future. Company: Casey Micallef Photography Contact: Casey Micallef Website: www.caseymicallefphotography.com.au