2021 Global Wedding Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 47 LUX 2021 Global Wedding Awards Little Birdies Events & Co. is an event planning business based in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. It is dedicated to planning a variety of events including weddings, family events, corporate events and more. Little Birdies Events & Co. LLC Most Client-Focused Wedding Planning Company - California Apr21674 A one woman show, Sharon Chow is Little Birdies Events & Co. She is a San Francisco native who caught the event planning bug back in high school when she was serving on the student council and organising fundraising events. She realised that she loved working with people during her time in college at UC Davis as a member of a nationwide community service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega. With a background in event planning for corporate and family events, Sharon has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of event planning and execution. She is self- motivated, takes any tasks by the horn, and with her naturally analytically-wired talent for event planning and design, she can use her attention to detail and cheerful disposition to make any event a dream brought to life. Whether clients need help with brainstorming ideas for their special event, require vendor recommendations, need help with theme or design schematics for a completely cohesive events, or require support from beginning to end, Little Birdies Events & Co. offers a variety of bespoke event planning packages to suit their needs. As a planner and a people person, Sharon’s goal is to get to know the client, their style and what inspires them. Together, they can strategize on how to incorporate that into the client’s next event or big day. On occasions where she requires an extra helping hand, Sharon will have other event planners come and pitch in as an assistant for the day. For the most part, talent who come in to help out have already dipped their feet in the field, but if not, Sharon asks relevant questions to see if their skills are transferable and she assesses from there. Sometimes passions trump skill because those are teachable. Sharon conducts her business with transparency. Sometimes, it may hurt, but she’d rather everyone have all the information and go into making a well-informed decision instead of being surprised. Nobody likes the unexpected (and expensive) surprises. Everybody wins in this case. She has always been relatively open with her clients and potential clients, which meant the transition into providing as much information and assistance for navigating COVID-19 was pretty seamless. She always makes sure the client knows they’re not alone and that they’re in this together. Many of Little Birdies Events & Co.’s clients have relatively large guest counts and that has been the most difficult part during the pandemic. Large guest counts due to culture and having to be sensitive to inviting and uninviting guests was a huge thing to navigate. It was a good thing that friends and family were generally understanding considering the situation, and it was also helpful that livestreaming became a thing during what was a difficult time. As far as Little Birdies Events & Co. is concerned, the future is looking bright. 2021 has fast filled up with bookings due to postponements and with everyone feeling more comfortable making plans as vaccines are rolling out. For the first time, Sharon’s calendar is full! Little Birdies Events & Co. has also recently introduced rentals to help complete the venue’s look so clients don’t have to look elsewhere for décor, with items including arches, glass vases, faux plant panels, and more. Company: Little Birdies Events & Co. LLC Contact: Sharon Chow Website: www.littlebirdiesevents.com