2021 Global Wedding Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 49 LUX 2021 Global Wedding Awards TB Photography & Videography is a prestigious studio dedicated to capturing the weddings of their clients in a way that truly reflects the couple. Empowered by the principles of sensitive, caring, and fun- loving customer service, it is constantly raising the standards of what it means to work in the wedding industry. TB Photography & Videography Most Renowned Wedding Photographers & Videographers - Australia Mar21489 ‘There with you every step of the way’, TB Photography is a visual arts creation studio that will take care of capturing the most special moments of a client’s wedding day, from start to finish. Its exemplary work comes part and parcel with its expert guidance, and it is willing to talk a client through every element of its process to afford them peace of mind. It is aware that a wedding is a stressful time, and that clients have many more things on their mind during the day; therefore, it handles everything about the photography and videography in a way that seamlessly fits around the rest of the day. It can also help a client in organizing the other elements of the wedding too, as having been to many such events it can provide an invaluable insight into what works and what doesn’t. This is something its clients have lauded as exemplary in the past. TB makes itself not just the photographer, but a friend of the couple, forming close interpersonal working relationships that allow the couple to feel comfortable and build up the necessary trust. After all, Tanya herself is not just a photographer. Her expertise in the wedding industry comes from years of personally overseeing wedding planning, and she has gained extensive qualifications that certify her ability to do so. Through Tanya, TB has access to its own large network of industry connections that it can make available to its clients, able to call upon these professional and enthusiastic people to help in whatever way the client needs. It seeks to tell the story of a client’s wedding day through picking up on the small moments, the candid shots that perfectly encapsulate a couple’s individuality; ergo, the things that make a wedding truly special. Additionally, TB’s packages are highly tailorable which allows it to work to a variety of requirements. TB’s style of work tends to be traditional, romantic, and artistic, with a relaxed personal touch that clients gravitate towards. Tanya knows first hand what a couple is going through when it comes to wedding planning, and can help them understand what about its work is right for them, promising to create visual art of their day that they can look back at and fall in love with again and again. Although Covid-19 presented many challenges for the wedding industry, TB has pulled through, working with each couple to change and move dates when needed. Its clients appreciated this support, and it in turn has had an incredibly busy year as the industry begins to pick itself up again. TB brought on additional staff and kept up its professional and personable customer service throughout, committed to maintaining its lofty standards internally and externally. In this way, it kept its internal familial rapport, with many of the founder’s blood relatives still happily in its ranks as well as external hires – it will also help other photographers in its industry by recommending their work if TB itself is unavailable. When interacting with a client, it ensures that it will leave no stone unturned, and never settle for second best. Leading up to a wedding day it goes to great lengths to make sure each client feels like they are 100% the priority, and that their requests and concerns are heard and acted upon. With exemplary project management skills and by making sure it has taken time to get to know the couple, it can perfectly make their individuality shine through in the final product, keeping client satisfaction at the top of its priority list. 2021 and 2022 promise to be busy, fulfilling, and exciting for TB Photography & Videography, and come what may it promises that no matter what challenges may arise, it will consistently rise to meet them. Company: TB Photography & Videography Contact: Tanya-Louise Trandafil Website: tbphotography.com.au