2021 Global Wedding Awards

Page 6 www.lux-review.com LUX 2021 Global Wedding Awards Crystal Filigree is a company creating some of the most beautiful examples of Swarovski crystal embellished gifts in the wedding industry. All its work is handmade, and its filigree is plated with real silver, raising the bar for luxury gift giving across the board. In this way, it serves a variety of clients. Its bespoke gifts are given by soon to be wed couples to their parents as a thank you for the hard work they put into helping with the wedding process, by mothers to their children leaving home, or to friends who have played a huge role in a client’s life, to name a few. Therefore, Crystal Filigree knows how special the gift is, and that they must be perfect. It treasures the emotion behind the gift as the most important thing of all, keeping the importance of gratitude and love at the heart of its operation. Empowering this is its mission; driving the success of Crystal Filigree is the goal of perfecting gift giving so that its clients can be sure that it purveys their message well. It has developed its expertise in this messaging through beautiful products over the years, now confident that it can deliver an item worthy of the memory that handing it over will create. The inspiration that created this company’s mission, principles, and processes all began when the founder was contacted by a terminally ill mother. This client asked Crystal Filigree to create a wedding gift for her 5-year-old’s future wedding, being aware that she herself wouldn’t be able to attend. It was pivotal to Crystal Filigree that the emotion behind the gift was perfectly captured, and a task that changed that way the company works forever. Consequentially, this job sparked a determination in Crystal Filigree that gifts designed with such compassion and love Creating emotive and stunning gifts that become a physical reminder of some of the most important moments in a person’s life, Crystal Filigree’s work is intensely intimate and singularly beautiful. Its materials, customer service, and driving inspiration all have contributed to making the company a diamond in its sector. Mar21306 Crystal Filigree Best Artisan Wedding Gift Designer 2021 - Canada should be just as beautiful, and just as long lasting. Just like the compact mirror it created for the mother with the message of ‘the love between a mother and daughter is forever’ etched within, it strives to ensure the message is an intrinsic part of the gifts it creates, engraved in steel and permanently imbued in every Swarovski crystal. Therefore, all it products including its compact mirrors, pill boxes, purse hangers, pocket watches, and its variety of wedding specific products, have been designed with this as its priority. Crystal Filigree is concerned with making the best moments of a wedding the memories