2021 Global Wedding Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 7 LUX 2021 Global Wedding Awards that survive into perpetuity, allowing a client to give a gift that will remain a prized possession throughout the recipient’s life. After the excitement and adrenaline of a wedding has cooled off, the gifts are, after all, what physically remains; and so, in the eyes of Crystal Filigree, each one should be meaningful. By designing these talismans of love and strength that people can carry with them forever to bolster them through trying times, throughout the trials of Covid-19, Crystal Filigree found its role was more important than ever. Whilst many weddings were cancelled or postponed, some still went ahead, some even remotely. This proved an emotional and sometimes distressing time for couples and families alike as they couldn’t be there in person to support one another, and so Crystal Filigree stepped up to the mark in a big way to give them an alternative method of showing love and support. Its gift commissions were and still are in high demand, with brides and grooms sending love and thanks to parents that couldn’t physically be there for their special days, and visa versa. It has been honoured to be able to fulfil this service during the past year. Approaching each gift with empathy and sensitivity, looking on each one as the unique collection of complex feelings and memories it is, and crafting them with reverence, its clients appreciate its consistent dedication to unmatched quality in product and customer service. With the creation of the gifts that allowed families to come together in spirit even whilst they couldn’t come together in person, word of its brilliant work has travelled so much further. Its previous satisfied clients are numerous, and in a recent testimonial, a customer specifically mentioned that Crystal Filigree was there ‘every step of the way’. Such testimonials reassure future clients about the brilliance and efficacy of its work, whilst the quality of its products is evident when simply looking at its website and looking through its numerous pages of elegant and sophisticated designs. Being a business with a staff of one, Hafsa Alli personally oversees every element of the business, and works hard to ensure that everything about it is perfect. She determinedly works with a client from the initial consultation right through to the delivery, not satisfied until the client has the product in hand and is totally happy with it. This has gained her notoriety as a trader for her reliability and hard work. She also creates each one of her products herself with diligence and a keen eye for detail, but hopes to not be a solo trader forever, with her own daughter growing up quickly and aspiring to soon join her mother in her work. The products are colour customizable, there are a total of 28 colours to choose from and Hafsa Alli hand makes them depending on the colour selected. This is a direction she is excited to see Crystal Filigree grow towards, enthusiastic about the business’s future as a mother-daughter team and how her style of work will develop as a result. Throughout these periods of growth and change, Crystal Filigree will however be maintaining the standards of excellence and empathic service upon which it was founded. This has after all formed the bedrock for upward momentum that it has enjoyed, setting itself apart from its competitors, and leading by example with how meaningful gift boutiques can be. Rather than passing along a card, which can be impersonal and seem more like an afterthought, its messaging will always be part of the gift itself. In this way, the emotion behind it will last so much longer than the impermanence of a card, creating a memory that promises to last for centuries and a gift that is fit to be passed along to the next generation. Every time a client’s recipient looks at their gift, they should be able to think of the client, and how much they are loved by them. To Crystal Filigree the magic of that truth is the most important part of its work. As it moves forward into the rest of 2021, it will be continuing with its ‘year of handmade favours’ for newlywed couples wishing to send thanks to the special people in their lives, continually humbled by their trust as it does so. Company: Crystal Filigree Contact: Hafsa Alli Website: https://crystalfiligree.com/