2021 Global Wedding Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 9 LUX 2021 Global Wedding Awards Rosaleen Bonnar Photoworks, the ‘Best Wedding Photographer’ for 2021 in the Scottish Lowlands, reflects on her experience of delivering visual storytelling and story-driven bespoke photography, and where she plans to take her skills in the future. Rosaleen Bonnar Photoworks Best Wedding Photographer 2021 (Scottish Lowlands): Rosaleen Bonnar Mar21524 A sole trader in the bespoke and luxury photography industry, Rosaleen Bonnar Photoworks is a company with a focus on creating cherished moments of visual storytelling. Rosaleen, the sole trader in question, graduated from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh in 1998, and rediscovered her love for photography after a lucrative corporate career. After being asked to shoot for the Wateraid Ball, she found her passion for her craft re-emerging with a new focus in narrative driven art. Therefore, taking this new internal spark, she began her own company – Rosaleen Bonnar Photoworks – and has been working to share her love of photography as an artistic medium ever since. She seeks not just to capture an image, but a moment, and therefore her products are pieces that have emotional gravitas for each individual client. The journey that started as she progressed the business, enhancing her skills, and updating her portfolio across a range of clients and events, has allowed her to progress photography into her sole career path. In this way, her clients can be sure that they are commissioning the services of a practiced trader who has worked hard to develop her individual eye and ability to work with a client collaboratively. She has worked within the corporate sphere as a photographer, as well as shooting for specific events of different types and scales, picking up wedding photography as her career advanced. With her background in television and production, Rosaleen also offers her clients an in-depth knowledge of project management that she has taken with her into this enterprise. A client can rest assured that not only will the resulting photographs be of an incredible standard that will reflect the individuality of each subject, but that it will be done in a timely manner. In tandem with this, photography runs in the blood with the Bonnar family, which has fostered Rosaleen’s love of the medium and encouraged its growth from a very young age. Ultimately, the narrative being the focus of her work sets her style apart from the competition. In capturing the true essence and emotion of a milestone or moment, such as welcoming a new baby or the arrival of a new pet, she works to document big life events that her customers want to remember the best bits of for years to come. Therefore, she works within the small candid moments during a shoot, picking up on intricacies and small details in posing and editing that many others may miss. To Rosaleen, no moment during her work with a client is superfluous, and every second can be one that creates the piece the client will fall in love with. Due to this, she has created close personal relationships with her clients that have made for significant amounts of return custom. She dedicates all her energy towards getting to know the person or persons as individuals, and during meetings both parties can sometimes lose track of time due to getting so immersed in planning and chatting. Prior to the pandemic, Rosaleen had a packed diary and a full schedule, and she looks forward to building this back up when safety once again allows for it. In the meantime, she has been busy honing her craft. Even though the collaborative client-focused side of her business had to go on hiatus due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Rosaleen drew upon her previous experience in marketing, communications, and project management to embrace other genres and build her portfolio. This has included brand photography with wedding suppliers that kept her name visible in her industry; she also worked closely with a boutique hotel to create their new wedding brand, becoming its go-to supplier for bespoke photography. She looks forward to being able to continue to build these collaborations, taking on apprenticeships and expanding the business. With the increased publicity she will be working on over the course of the coming year, Rosaleen Bonnar Photoworks is aiming to become a household name – and with her connections and experience, she is well on her way to achieving this. Company: Rosaleen Bonnar Photoworks Contact: Rosaleen Bonnar Website: https://www.rbphotoworks.co.uk/