2021 Pet Products and Services Awards

Page 10 www.lux-review.com LUX 2021 Pet Products and Services Awards Cockapoo and Friends doesn’t care for its dogs on a profit-centric basis, but on one that does what is needed; it doesn’t charge extra for the simple but necessary things that are required for health, wellbeing and quality grooming such as nail trimming, pad, nose and ear care. It uses what it considers the best products; no-tears shampoo, and muzzle, beard, paw and bottom anti-stain treatments, which are included within its groom prices. It simply offers the best prices for exclusive grooming. Everything sets Cockapoo and Friends apart from its competitors; it is comparable to no other groomer. Why? Because owners can trust their dog is safe and happy whilst in its care. The client will have pre- and post-groom consultations and be able to ask questions to which they will receive honest answers and advice or recommendation to seek advice from a vet. Company owner, Anna Brusby-Glover is currently on a journey to become a qualified International Certified Master Groomer Cockapoo and Friends is a bespoke dog grooming service, first and foremost for poodle cross breeds, however, friends (other breeds) are welcome too! Its mission is to provide affordable, quality grooming without using matting as a cash cow, of which can become a barrier to grooming for curly coated breeds. Cockapoo and Friends encourages and welcomes customers who are committed to regular grooming intervals of five to seven weeks and who commit to vet prescribed vaccinations and flea/worming treatments. It also supports its local animal shelter and offers free grooming to help rescues to be prepared for fostering or finding their forever home. Apr21120 Cockapoo and Friends Most Trusted Dog Grooming Services – Cheshire (ICMG) through IPG. Anna strongly and passionately believes that it is important to have continued professional development and to stay relevant within the changes and trends of the grooming industry. However, she doesn’t believe that dogs are fashion accessories; they are companions and are to be respected as such. Cockapoo and Friends was launched the week before the first lockdown last year, which inevitably stalled its launch and was a concern. However, once lockdown was lifted, the groomer worked to become COVID-secure and put robust processes and procedures in place. Its growth was exponential and through word of mouth and Facebook advertising, it saw growth locally and also welcomed customers from Frodsham, Liverpool, Manchester, Chester, and even North Wales. Anna has been amazed by this, but she has found that people have been let down by an unregulated industry and have been seeking out and travelling to trusted groomers, of which Cockapoo and Friends is proud to be. Evidently, Cockapoo and Friends has had a flying start and the future is looking bright for the business. It plans to improve and create a stunning salon with hopes of gaining planning permission or to locally relocate so that it can welcome more customers, since the demand is high. It is also hoping that the Government will support small businesses to continue to operate from home locations as lockdown working restrictions lift and that they regulate the dog grooming industry for the protection of our canine companions. Company: Cockapoo and Friends Contact: Anna Brusby-Glover Website: www.cockapooandfriends.co.uk