2021 Pet Products and Services Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 11 LUX 2021 Pet Products and Services Awards Founded in New Mexico in 2010 and located in Texas Panhandle, U.S.A, Proven K9 Training is a leading pet dog obedience and behaviour modification company, with no other training company coming close to offering the level of service that they do. Apr21131 Proven K9 Training started out by providing police dog training, expanding into also offering training for pet dogs. Based out of Amarillo Texas, two new locations in Lubbock Texas and Dallas Texas were additionally opened in 2020, enabling more people of Texas to sign their dogs up for training. With staff educated on many levels, including college graduates, military veterans, and law enforcement veterans, and trained through a 640-hour apprenticeship and two tests (a gruelling 60-question written test, along with an applied test) to gain certification through the company, the upskilling is not for the faint of heart and shows the work ethic of employees. In addition to this, Proven K9 Training demands a working environment that staff want to give only their best in. What sets Proven K9 Training apart from other companies is the vast experience and knowledge acquired by trainers and their ability to teach clients and their dogs at a higher level, ensuring that they are much more successful than if they were to train somewhere else. The training programmes aim to improve the relationship and build confidence between the client and their dog, as well as work on the dog’s obedience, manners, and social skills. The success of the company’s training is highly rewarding for the client and enables them to bond with their dog. The training programmes are excellent, but the company also goes above and beyond in terms of safety for clients and dogs. All resources that are used are veterinarian grade or higher and during training, every dog that leaves the company property has a GPS collar placed on them, as well as all dogs being transported in the highest quality crates on the market. Alongside this, the company’s sanitation practices are unmatched by anywhere else. During the pandemic, people have chosen to stay at home and spend time with their furry friends. With one of the only avenues to enjoy time outside being parks and the countryside, Proven K9 Training has still been able to help so many to have an obedient dog. However, most trends in dog training are just that: trends, but the company chooses to stay consistent in its methods and will continue to provide exceptional dog training. In terms of what the future has in store for the business, the company is currently searching for a larger building since it has outgrown its current Dallas location. They are also in the process of opening a doggy day care and training facility. Company: Proven K9 Training Contact: JJ Siebrasse Website: www.provendogtraining.com Proven K9 Training Best Dog Training Team - Texas Panhandle