2021 Pet Products and Services Awards

Page 16 www.lux-review.com LUX 2021 Pet Products and Services Awards In the competitive market of animal health products, Bio-Med Animal Health is a company that has been making a name for itself with its specialist, holistic, and integrative medicinal solutions. The core focus throughout their work is one of developing premium animal health products, suitable for a vast range of applications within the veterinary health industry worldwide – from both large to small animal species. Their mission is one of allowing science and wisdom to unite. Bio- Med Animal Health embraces greater health outcomes and healing, through innovation, research, education, support, and collaboration with the wider veterinary health community to stand by its side as an international partner. Fundamentally, Bio-Med has made itself a cornerstone of its sector, working hard to provide integrated animal healthcare, both in terms of their products and services. Bio-Med has developed a vast network of industry leading professionals and scientifically minded individuals to help them accomplish this; from veterinary naturopathic to herbalist practitioners, veterinary surgeons, and animal allied health practitioners, proudly encompassing every aspect of its broad swathe of expertise. Furthermore, their services cover integrative domestic animal medicine and surgery, integrative equine and canine performance medicine and surgery, theriogenology, livestock and production services. Offering such a wide range of services, as well as supplying for the needs of various facets within the industry, this has given the team at Bio-Med Animal Health a Over time, Bio-Med Animal Health’s worldwide success has made it a stand-out voice in their industry, a comprehensive provider of animal healthcare working with both diligence and empathy. Offering products and primary care whilst operating on a worldwide scale, it is a company working hard to fulfil the ever-changing needs of the veterinary industry. Apr21330 Bio-Med Animal Health Pty Ltd Best Holistic & Integrative Animal Health Products Company - Australia comprehensive view of the greater veterinary industry. They believe that a comprehensive view is critical to effectively contribute to the veterinary industry, on the ethos that veterinary science is most wholesome when naturopathic and allopathic science intertwines. This synergy between the two models of health can be crucial when establishing the next big innovation or scientific breakthrough. This has allowed Bio- Med Animal Health to establish an exemplary foundation of holistic and primary care, whilst improving the therapeutic potential and ultimately the health outcomes and wellbeing of their patients. Additionally, they have extensive capabilities and a vast professional network allowing them to service clients on a global scale. The company prides themselves on their capacity to develop animal and veterinary health products for a broad range of species, through to supplying these highly innovative and unique health products to distributors, wholesalers, veterinary clinics, veterinary hospitals, and end users. In addition to offering outstanding quality treatment and primary care to their patients, they assist other veterinary professionals in doing so also, allowing them to become a true one-stop solution for animal and pet healthcare. Every client is listened to, and every patient cared for, sharing a company-wide culture of care and commitment. Furthermore, Bio- Med Animal Health’s staff hold themselves accountable in their work and are a selfless, dedicated, and empathetic team who will always do their best, recruiting those with not just exemplary skills and experience, but mindfulness and emotional intelligence. In a world where companies across a variety of sectors are finding it harder than ever to serve their market segment due to the pandemic, Bio-Med Animal Health was one of the companies that adapted accordingly thanks to their excellent team and directorship of Dr. Angelo Koutsourakis. Consequentially, Bio-Med Animal Health has remained a global leader in their field and are able to continually meet and exceed their client’s expectations. With a solid foundation behind them and a bright future ahead, Bio-Med is moving into the rest of 2021 excited for what the future holds; and promises that announcements about what this will entail for its clientele and network collectively, are soon to come. Company: Bio-Med Animal Health Pty Ltd Contact: Dr. Angelo Koutsourakis Website: bio-medanimalhealth.com Phone: 1800 531 959