2021 Pet Products and Services Awards

Page 24 www.lux-review.com LUX 2021 Pet Products and Services Awards In 2015, Rebecca Taylor was looking for a 3.5t horsebox. She didn’t want something large and cumbersome, simply an affordable solution that could be driven on a normal car driving license. There was a gap in the market, for someone to step into, so she did. The result has been Taylor Horseboxes, a business built on a detailed knowledge of everything that the equine industry has to offer. Rebecca comes from a background working with horses in New Zealand, as well as with top equine producers in the UK. When it comes to quality, the products she makes always go above and beyond to meet the standards of these producers. When people come to Taylor Horseboxes, they know they’ll get a product that they not only want, but has features they didn’t know they needed. One of the major selling points that Rebecca was able to offer her clients was the use of bold and bright colours. These look incredible, drawing the eye and attracting attention from people on the street. The marketing campaign of “Be Bold, Be Bright, Be Seen” really spoke for itself. While most people who sell horseboxes sell them in drab colours such as peppermint white or gunmetal grey, Rebecca uses striking shades such as Lamborghini green and Barbie pink. She makes the horsebox into a talking point itself! During the pandemic, the equine industry halted. All events, sales and self-hires were stopped. The cost of materials rose Necessity is the mother of invention, so they say, and that’s certainly true of the team behind Taylor Horseboxes Ltd. When Rebecca Taylor couldn’t find the horsebox that was right for her, she decided she’d make one herself. Following her remarkable success in the LUXlife Pet Products and Services Awards, we take a closer look at how her determination has sparked a business that is achieving wonderful things throughout difficult times. Apr21810 Taylor Horseboxes Ltd Horsebox Seller of the Year 2021 - North West England dramatically as people scrambled to buy the materials that were the beating heart of her business. None of this phased Rebecca. As the lockdowns lifted, she and her team refreshed the business’s image and it has never been in a better position. The team has had to adapt to restricted international travel. While previously long stall stallion style boxes were the most popular choice, many customers now require a weekender style horsebox that has facilities such as hob and sink and sleeping provisions, due to customers planning to use the horsebox for horse transportation and as a campervan to go on holiday in. Thanks to Rebecca’s in-depth knowledge of the industry, she has been able to ensure that travel is not only comfortable for the horse, but for the owners too. Looking ahead, the team intends to expand the business, not only through increasing the volume of horseboxes supplied, but through expanding the product range significantly. Rebecca and her team are already exploring ways of constructing a new 7t horsebox which will bespoke-designed to the customer’s specifications, as well as expanding into the world of trailer hire and sales. When looking for the perfect solution, one which ensures the comfort of your beloved horse and yourself, look no further than Taylor Horseboxes. With an experienced hand at the helm, one which knows the struggles and delights of the industry, you’re sure to find a horsebox that matches your need perfectly. Company: Taylor Horseboxes Ltd Name: Rebecca Taylor Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.taylorhorseboxes.co.uk