2021 Pet Products and Services Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 25 LUX 2021 Pet Products and Services Awards Wild West Pet is a food store committed to not just saying it’s a natural pet food store, but to proving it with each product it stocks. With a beautifully arranged shopfront, a team of passionate and dedicated individuals, and a recently launched website, Wild West Pet is quickly becoming a national voice in pet food sales. Wild West Pet Best Natural Pet Supply Store - Cornwall Apr21850 A natural pet food store located in the heart of Cornwall, Wild West Pet is a company that reflects the rich history of its region, using the area’s well-documented mining background to create a fun and playful façade. Established in 2012 by Robert Dawes and rebranded in 2021, Wild West Pet has made itself an integral part of its local community with its mission to bring together the best in pet nutrition in a welcoming, friendly environment, built with the best customer service in mind. Its specialisms lie in providing raw food diet products for dogs and cats in particular, but it also prides itself on delivering many more varieties of food. Nominally, it sells wet, dry, freeze-dried, and cold pressed goods to its clients, selling only the products it believes in – not the corporate brands behind them. Fundamentally, it has built its business in this way in order to reassure its customers that they will always receive the best in nutrition, value, and quality. Being a seller in such a highly changeable and diverse market as pet food, it is committed to keeping its reputation for excellence as immaculate as ever, remaining competitive by keeping a finger on the pulse of new developments and recent innovations. Therefore, its extensive knowledge and experience is often recognised by its suppliers, and it has time and time again received calls from those suppliers who are excited for the chance to sell their products through Wild West Pet. Wild West Pet also takes great pride in having a well put together store. Due to this, its customers who come to its in-person store can appreciate the well-presented displays that are ready to greet them, creating a charming environment made even more so by the helpful and professional attitude of the staff. Therefore, it has effectively set itself apart from its competitors by making itself a place where its customers look forward to coming back, emphasising its exemplary products, aesthetically impressive shopfront, and dedication to great customer service. This also extends to its online patrons, thanks to the brand’s recent launch of its new website created by Robert’s brother Nick, a professional web developer who continues to maintain Wild West Pet’s online presence. Visitors to the website can benefit from the shop’s full collection at their fingertips, national next day delivery, advice on everything from food products to accessories, and an easy way to ask questions and get in touch with the team at Wild West Pet. Recently, Wild West Pet has brought on a new hire in Lauren, who Robert met when they both worked at Pets at Home. Both massively passionate about pet nutrition, Robert and Lauren are now applying their industry- leading breadth and depth of knowledge to drive forward the bright future of Wild West Pet; Robert from his years of running Wild West Pet before the rebrand in January of 2021, and Lauren from her decade of working with dog charities and running her own pet nutrition consultancy. Wild West Pet has seen the word ‘natural’ be thrown around a lot in its industry lately. It wishes to be the company that can proves its claims, and always does thorough research on the products it intends to stock before it takes them on board, ensuring that they are of impeccable nutritional and sustainable quality. Since the rebrand, Wild West Pet is pleased to say that business is thriving – and is excited to be able to welcome customers back into its store as the dust of the pandemic begins to settle. It encourages prospective clients to keep an eye on its website for further updates to its delivery service, bestselling line of dog food, and own-brand products; more of which are to be revealed very soon. Company: Wild West Pet Contact: Robert Dawes Website: wildwestpet.co.uk