2021 Pet Products and Services Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 9 LUX 2021 Pet Products and Services Awards Founded in July 2019, Birmingham Aquatic Club is an exclusive club for all types of fish keepers who are based in the Birmingham and West Midlands area. Discover more about this exclusive club as we take a closer look. Birmingham Aquatic Club Fish Keepers Club of the Year - West Midlands Apr21110 Pre-July 2019, there weren’t any local aquatic clubs that catered for freshwater, cold-water or marine fish enthusiasts. Other established aquatic societies were too far to travel, so with a want and a big need for one in the area, the time and hard work was put into establishing the club and its first ever social meeting was held on 27th September 2019. The purpose of the club is to offer regular social events with the aim of bringing people together who all share the same fascinating hobby, whether they are beginner or expert, and enjoy keeping, showing, and breeding many different species of fish and aquatic species such as cichlids, goldfish, shrimp, livebearers, plecos, corydoras, aquatic snails, loaches and discus, just to name a few. Events include a mixture of different activities such as guest speakers, aquatic plant workshops, representatives showcasing products, fishkeeping quizzes, raising money for conservation work, tombolas, raffles and more. The club has many exciting things planned for 2021, with the club’s next events being the club’s online fish show on 1st May and their next social meeting on 3rd July. The club strives to encourage responsible fishkeeping and gives people a safe space to make new friends, further the hobby and share knowledge. Everyone of all ages is welcome to attend events and become a member if they wish to do so. Fishkeeping can be a great new hobby and it has been studied and proven that keeping a fish tank can reduce stress and anxiety. Simply spend a few minutes watching fish and your heart rate and blood pressure will lower. Also, the hobby gives people a sense of responsibility, productivity and something to focus on. Not only would it be a relaxing new hobby, but by joining the club, a friendly bunch of knowledgeable and passionate hobbyists will greet you with a warm welcome. Every member that signs up to the club will receive a personalised membership card, regular social events throughout the year, regular annual newsletter, access to club AGM meetings, free goody bags at club events, access to our breeder directory, link to a private WhatsApp group for members, access to the Facebook group where help and friendly advice is always available, access to the members only section on the club website, discounted prices at club events and access to the fishkeepers library scheme. Birmingham Aquatic Club is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers. Any money made from memberships and events is used in pursuing the club objectives and keeping it running. Team members try to encourage all members to show their support, get involved and attend as many events as they can. Membership is £10 for 12 months. To find out more, please visit www. birminghamaquaticclub.co.uk. Company: Birmingham Aquatic Club Email: [email protected] Website: birminghamaquaticclub.co.uk