2021 Private Education Awards

Page 10 www.lux-review.com LUX 2021 Private Education Awards Holy Spirit Prep is a school helping students understand their identity in Christ and discern their role in the world. Its classes take their students from preschool to the 12th grade, and shepherd them along the path to great success in their future careers and livelihoods, forever concerned with the provision of rigorous, purposeful, and integrated education. Holy Spirit Prep helps students learn lessons they can apply to every element of their lives as students grow academically, spiritually and personally. In addition, its college prep classes include a rigorously designed classical liberal arts curriculum, incorporating the faith, the fine arts, and athletics. Its academic courses are geared to cater to a wide array of students, allowing its pupils to truly flourish by the time they reach college, thriving in challenging academic environments and further emboldened by personalised, small sized classes with complimentary tutorials, honors, and advanced placement programs that ensure every student has the tools they need to succeed. In this way, Holy Spirit Prep affords its students all the opportunities necessary to achieve their fullest potential. Holy Spirit Prep seeks to be unique. It’s goal is to meet every student with the support they need, knowing that no two individuals will require the same support. It strives to create community and joy amongst its pupils and their families, one that its staff are a part of, in order to create an environment that is healthy, happy, and encouraging, made possible by the three virtues that form the foundation of the school. Firstly, it wishes to cultivate their faith, secondly, it wants to see its students exercise prudence, A private Catholic school with a classical curriculum and a dedication to cultivating a healthy, encouraging learning community, Holy Spirit Preparatory School is making a name for itself with the excellence of its faculty, students, and families. Fundamentally, it seeks to prepare its students for college, for life and for eternity. May21444 Holy Spirit Preparatory School Best Private School - Buckhead and finally, it seeks to show them the importance of a good character and gentle soul. Families appreciate its loyal dedication to abiding by Catholic teachings. Holy Spirit Prep partners with families to support the students in order for them to succeed. Holy Spirit Prep invites families to be a part of their community. Holy Spirit Prep wishes to foster a lifelong appreciation for faith, learning, and joy, by “learning to play and playing to learn.” A great example of this is through the variety of sports that Holy Spirit Prep offers, even starting a wrestling program for the 2021-2022 school year. With Covid protocols in place, Holy Spirit Prep students were able to benefit from in-person learning throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. Students were able to participate in the arts and athletics and had minimal disruption to their school year despite the pandemic. Holy Spirit Prep’s approach is one of a classical education built for the 21st century, proud to make itself a front runner in modern Catholic education. By focusing on development days for the teachers to upskill themselves, as well as enriching the faith of the team, this results in an integrated curriculum focused on the Faith, rigorous academics, the Fine Arts, and athletics. Holy Spirit Prep is thankful to its beautiful community of students, families, faculty and staff, of whom nothing would be possible without their support. All Glory be to God – now and forever. Company: Holy Spirit Preparatory School Contact: Jenny Gustainis Website: www.holyspiritprep.org