2021 Private Education Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 13 LUX 2021 Private Education Awards J. Addison School is a dedicated private boarding school in Markham, working hard to provide its students with an exemplary education across the board. It also ensures they have a well- rounded experience outside of academia, fostering their personal development, and with sports teams such as its elite basketball teams ranking in the top 10 in Canada, it is easy to see how it has developed its reputation. J. Addison School Best Domestic & International Pupil’s All-Through School - Ontario May21730 A pre-eminent private day and boarding school based in Canada, J. Addison School is approaching the end of its second decade in operation. Since its beginning in 2002, it has proven itself as an exemplary learning institution, with students able to take full advantage of the school’s beautiful setting in the picturesque region of Markham, Ontario. Furthermore, it has a unique approach to education – and has earned a reputation for being a premier private high school as a result – encouraging its students to grow in an environment of inclusivity, intelligence, creativity, and innovation. All of this is accomplished by way of collaboration and teamwork, fostering the closeness of peers in year groups and classrooms, and proactively encouraging students to challenge and motivate themselves, granting them the tools they need to reach their ambitions. With a campus 30 minutes from downtown Toronto, its dorms are spacious and its facilities are state-of-the-art. In this way, it shows that it wishes to invest in its students’ happiness and wellbeing, as well as in their education, ensuring that their stay within J. Addison School’s walls is comfortable as well as enlightening; the school itself is equipped with modern classrooms, labs, a gym, dance studio, cafeteria, and multiple residence halls. Furthermore, its student body is very diverse, with pupils from all over the world giving students a chance to intermingle with cultures vastly different from their own, learning about them by socialisation. J. Addison School cultivates a love of learning amongst its students as its foremost concern. Over their time in the school, it will encourage them to step out of their comfort zone to try new and exciting things, bolstered by the school’s mission of high standards of education in a safe space. It wishes, in this way, to build well-rounded and empathetic young people with a zest for life, unwaveringly believing in the potential of its students, passionate about encouraging them to become the best version of themselves and excited to celebrate their achievements. In tandem with this, J. Addison School will provide any opportunity it can to foster this attitude in its students. It will strive to meet the individual needs of its students with regular school programs, as well as alternative programs and diverse extracurricular activities, recognizing that no two students learn in the same manner, and helping them with its Focus for Success program to offer homework help, clubs like yearbook organization, games, arts, and sports, and even an elite basketball program led by NCAA trained coaches. Despite the initial challenges of its setup, from structure to creating the climate it wanted, its move from a modular portable building in 2011 to a modern facility supported its growth Immensely. Additionally, J. Addison School is the only private school in Markham with boarding, and its people-first, highly modern culture has become an element of its operation that its students laud as outstanding, allowing it to break down the boundaries between students and teachers and allow for effective communication as a result. Forever seeking to grow and develop, providing the best for its students, there are plans to expand capacity to 500 students with an all new 4-storey school building, including an auditorium, rooftop garden, and more dorms and classrooms. Being so comprehensive, with JASX early learning, elementary, secondary, and advanced placement programmes, as well as enrichment support, it has recently partnered with York University to offer scholarships and financial aid to its students in order to help them and their families as the world begins to recover. Company: J. Addison School Contact: Luyen Hoang Website: jaddisonschool.com