2021 Private Education Awards

Page 14 www.lux-review.com LUX 2021 Private Education Awards Fundamentally, College Prep International knows how daunting it can be enrolling in a school in a foreign country. It seeks to take this trepidation out of the experience for international students, helping them to settle into a new routine and curriculum and to build their self confidence. Based in Montreal, Quebec, College Prep International teaches students from different countries welcoming each with open arms. Students often graduate with the ability to speak two or even three languages. There are 25 different spoken languages within our school family. College Prep International highly values the multilingual skills which will allow them to communicate better with their peers and prove an evident asset in their future careers. College Prep International’s motto is ‘bringing students together from around the world’, and encourages each of its students to reach their full academic potential, providing them with continuous support, and fostering communication through teamwork. Additionally, its guiding spirit is one that befits it as a private and co-educational institution. Its small classes of 10-15 students are taught by highly qualified teachers, allowing a more personalised and comfortable experience that students appreciate. Teachers can truly get to know each student and the best way to assist them in learning. This is ideal for teaching students from diverse countries, backgrounds, and experiences, as no two students will acclimatise to the new environment in the same way and at the same time. College Prep International is a private secondary school in Québec that helps international students adapt to the Canadian educational system. It accomplishes this by way of personalised, in-depth, instruction that works to build their self-confidence in a new country, open their minds to the endless possibilities and encourage them to reach for the stars. Jun21029 College Prep International Canadian International School of the Year 2021 All in all, every effort is made by College Prep International to ensure that its pupils have a seamless experience that involves as little disruption to their learning as possible. Each grade has a homeroom teacher and offices maintain an open-door policy, encouraging students to come and ask questions, seek advice, or just chat. This deepens the atmosphere of trust and mutual respect between staff and students that College Prep International has worked so hard to create over the years. With a well rounded academic curriculum and programmes adapted to needs, subject, and grade, it takes particular pride in its language departments. Its science, maths, and social studies programmes are also areas in which students excel. Additionally, its facilities are well equipped with the best technologies and smart boards to enhance a learning experience, from computer areas to science lab, and music area. It also affords students an excellent physical education programme. With a number of brilliant alumni having passed through its doors already, and many gifted students in its classrooms at present, College Prep International is excited to see what the upcoming years will bring, and what its young scholars will accomplish. Company: College Prep International Contact: Ursulene Farmer-Mora Website: prepinternational.com Bringing Students Together From Around The World