2021 Private Education Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 15 LUX 2021 Private Education Awards A school that has gone above and beyond to help pupils and their families during the Covid-19 outbreak, The Blue Coat School, Birmingham, has worked hard to make itself a backbone in its local community. Continuing the provision of the highest standard of education both online and offline, it is excited to be able to welcome all pupils and staff alike back to its beautiful campus in the heart of Birmingham. Jun21237 The Blue Coat School greets pupils, staff, and families with an expanse of lush greenery and a beautifully manicured front lawn. This encompasses the School’s fields, used by pupils during breaktimes and Games, as well as other activities in lessons that require interacting with the outside world, such as Science and Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE). Thus, it encourages active, energetic young people in tune with the world around them. Moreover, whilst its exterior may look like it belongs on a postcard, it prides itself on the constant activity that characterises a school day, happily caring for its diverse and enthusiastic student body. Its architecture is also stunning. With a historical campus and iconic buildings, the School’s 15 acres are surrounded by culture and steeped in Birmingham’s vibrant history; The Blue Coat Chapel was consecrated in 1932 after the School moved to Harborne and is still used as an active place of worship, central to school life. Furthermore, the statues of the Blue Coat Boy and the Blue Coat Girl stand below the Viney building’s prestigious clocktower in homage to the old façade, one that stood prior to the school’s move near the St. Philip’s churchyard in Birmingham’s city centre. Alongside all this history, however, it also prizes its modernity and the way in which it provides a safe and contemporary environment for a pupil who will be stepping out into a diverse and dynamic world. The Prep Day Houses are similarly built to mirror this mentality of tradition living in tandem with the future. Holding memories of the School’s boarding days, the pupils of today continue to think of it as a ‘home away from home’, and The Blue Coat School certainly seeks to foster this with its continued tradition of care, enthusiasm, and excellence. Consequently, in the early morning and at the end of the day, pupils can partake in any manner of leisure activities to wind down after a long day of hard work and learning, relaxing by way of table tennis or football, or just chatting in spaces provided for them to build long lasting friendships that will follow them throughout their lives. With the city centre just 3 miles away, it’s sometimes hard to imagine that the hustle and bustle is that close; The Blue Coat School is a haven away from it all, with a garden, Astro- Turf pitch, cricket area, and forest school, as well as many more outstanding facilities and elements that allow it to provide exemplary resources. All of these elements combine to create opportunities for the children to connect with the environment even in such an urbanised area as Birmingham. Additionally, it hopes to promote learning without limits, preparing its pupils for happiness, success, and well-rounded lives. The School was also incredibly busy supporting its pupils during the outbreak and tumult of Covid-19. It found its work was more important than ever when it came to supporting the parents of its children, many of whom are front line workers in the NHS, as well as other key workers. Crucially, it remained open for over 200 children, allowing them to continue their education unimpeded, and delivering online live classes to the others so that no one – even those only able to attend online – missed out. Furthermore, it kept its nursery open during lockdown, implementing all necessary safety measures to ensure that it could provide for its pupils and their families during this tough time, even running a staff intranet with stories for children, and hosting a celebration for world book day. As the world begins to recover, The Blue Coat School promises to continue to be there for its pupils and families, standing with them in support and solidarity. Company: The Blue Coat School Email: [email protected] Website: thebluecoatschool.com The Blue Coat School Birmingham Best Independent Day School and Nursery - West Midlands