2021 Private Education Awards

Page 16 www.lux-review.com LUX 2021 Private Education Awards Jun21537 Cambian Northampton School Award for Excellence in SEMH Education 2021 - Northamptonshire Cambian Northampton School is one of a group of schools, serving students in its local area that require additional support. Where mainstream schooling often falls down in the uniform and linear nature of how it applies the national curriculum, Cambian Northampton School is more flexible, ensuring it can adapt itself to the changing needs of its students in order to help each of them reach their potential. An independent and specialist school in Northampton, Cambian Northampton School fosters the learning of young minds from ages 11 to 16, regardless of gender. Fundamentally, it focuses on the education of young people with ongoing social, emotional, and mental health difficulties (SEMH), its qualified and experienced staff working hard to provide positive learning experiences for its pupils. Working with sensitive students with enhanced needs, its staff work hard to operate empathically and in collaboration with the students, identifying what will make their lives easier during the course of their education and allowing them to thrive. Furthermore, it rewards and recognises all achievements of its students and is incredibly proud of every one of them. This has created an encouraging, healthy, respectful environment where students partake in spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development over the course of the years, meaning they can enter society at the end of their education as well-rounded young people. In addition, Cambian Northampton School takes pride in its ability to offer a nurturing and caring environment for its pupils – one that allows all learners to thrive and reach their potential, supporting them to chase their ambitions. Over the years, it has become known for this, and the families of its students speak highly of its staff’s dedication to the students. Taking a broader, more flexible approach to learning and curriculum, it doesn’t believe in keeping to a regimented way of doing things. Instead, its operational model is a flexible one; this allows it to tailor itself to the needs of its students perfectly, reacting to and implementing adjustments as appropriate, and providing a good balance of the academic, the artistic, the cultural, the vocational, and the civic. Overall, it extends itself beyond the confines of the classroom in order to do this. This allows the pupils of Cambian Northampton School to build up necessary independent skills, teamwork acumen amongst their peers, and the ability to collaborate effectively in a group setting with a variety of work experience offerings, community work, and school trips. Moreover, Cambian Northampton School is aware that choosing the right methodology of learning is pivotal to the success of a young person during their school career. It is critically aware that in order to be able to respond to the changing needs of the modern student, it must be able to offer a range of academic awards qualifications, refusing to force its pupils down one specific mode of assessment. Therefore, its mission statement promises care, safety, and community, forming heart of the school. The National Curriculum Programmes are differentiated and diversified according to need, all whilst cultivating an environment of mutual respect wherein bullying and discrimination is not tolerated. Cambian Northampton School – in addition to all the other ways it supports its students – also works with local authorities, partnering with EHC teams in order to meet the needs of its most disadvantaged young people and alleviating the stress on them by supporting their families, too. This is done by way of daily contact to homes by wellbeing professionals. Over lockdown, it has found these services especially pivotal, and has been working hard to continue operating with excellence throughout these trying times, continuing with its intense induction for all new staff, updating its training, sending teachers on CPD programmes, and working in tandem with other Cambian Schools locally. Additionally, as it moves forward into the future, it will be developing itself into even more of a model school, reaching out to other SEMH schools and continually striving to be the best for its students. Company: Cambian Northampton School Contact: Leanne Dodds Website: cambiangroup.com