2021 Private Education Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 17 LUX 2021 Private Education Awards Rosewood Independent School is an institution that has made itself expert at trauma-informed approaches to learning. Helping provide empathic, sensitive, and collaborative education to children with a variety of needs who face a myriad of challenges, it works hard to encourage every single one of them to reach the height of their potential. Rosewood Independent School Best Bespoke School - North East England May21618 Working one on one with its students and in small groups, Rosewood Independent School prioritises the individual wellbeing and health of its pupils. Its approach, fundamentally, has been devised specifically with this in mind to allow for empathetic and sensitive interactions between staff and students, encouraging the learning of young people and their growth into mature adults. Furthermore, it is clued in when it comes to trauma and its impact on childhood growth, and this is integrated into its approach as it finds it important to be sensitive to such things. In tandem with all this, it works in partnership with local authorities and other educational facilities in the North East in order to support and educate children across the country. Its staff take great pride in their work because of this. Each of them has a deep and dedicated desire to work with children who have challenging needs, understanding that the role is not easy, and having been recruited for their patience and perseverance to be able to handle this with grace. Furthermore, because each member of staff genuinely wants to help the students at Rosewood Independent School in whatever way they can, the atmosphere cultivated in the space is one of understanding and hard work, where staff and students come to accept that change takes time and effort. That being said, Rosewood Independent School is quick to encourage its students and to remind them that they’re not on this journey alone. The staff at Rosewood Independent School build up trust with their students, allowing for connections based on mutual respect and understanding, and informing how they build relationships with peers and elders going forward. Therefore, they are highly trained when it comes to trauma-informed approaches to teaching and learning, focusing first and foremost on those positive connections, reducing negative connotations linked to education and schooling. This is wherein the team go truly above and beyond. On a daily basis, they always strive to be the best for their students, leading by example and rewarding their achievements, keeping the environment positive and safe even in the most challenging situations. Remaining positive and proactive, its staff have become the cornerstone of what makes Rosewood Independent School such an exemplary institution. Fundamentally, they think on their feet and consider alternative solutions in order to find what works best for a pupil, committed to working with them in creating the best possible chances for them to excel at school. The Headteacher, Janice Woods, is a qualified SENCO whose priority will always be the students, first and foremost. ‘Her passion and drive to establish and lead a proactive team with an understanding of the unique needs of its students is admirable’, Rosewood Independent School tells us, and she is proud to be the headteacher of the school. It wishes to take the time to thank its students and staff alike for their patience during the trying times of the last year or so. With paradigms, rules, and regulations shifting on a nearly daily basis, the Headteacher and leadership team have funnelled significant effort into updating risk assessments to accurately match the demands of the new world. These ensured that Rosewood Independent School could continue to operate safely, and it was lucky enough to be able to keep offering its services throughout the pandemic, securing its place as an independent school and striving to make itself available at all times. Crucially, this allowed its students to be continually supported, ensuring that welfare checks, food parcel deliveries, doorstep visits, and the provision of electronic devices were all being carried out. Looking forward to welcoming students to its Forest School Alternative Provision in September, it will be working on its behaviour management, intervention, re-engagement, and other such services, excited to show its students its continual growth and development. Company: Rosewood Independent School Contact: Jennifer Wood Website: rosewoodindependentschool.com