2021 Private Education Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 21 LUX 2021 Private Education Awards For pupils to thrive at any school, it’s essential to construct an environment which is calm, but purposeful in equal measure. The team behind St Lawrence College have been doing this since 1879. Following their incredible success in the LUXlife Private Education Awards, we take a look at how the school has remained at the forefront of the UK’s education sector, and how the staff’s determination has ensured that, even through these most unprecedented of times, they have put their pupil’s growth and education first and foremost. St Lawrence College Best Independent Co-Educational Day & Boarding School - South East England May21501 When St. Lawrence College first opened its doors, it was as a place which would be capable of combining careful religious training with a sound, liberal education. Nearly a century and a half on, this ambition has not changed. The Christian values that have guided much of the ethos of the team have not abated, creating an environment that is always supportive, with care and compassion that reaches into every corner of the institution. Every school has the best wishes of its students as the utmost priority, and the staff at St. Lawrence College do everything within their power to ensure that each individual is able to achieve their full potential. Since opening its doors, the school has generated an incredible feeling of community which is due, in no small part, to the way in which students can board and stay at the school. While Christian foundations lie at the heart of this much-loved school, there is no limit to who can attend. People from around the world can find their own place to flourish and thrive within St Lawrence College’s boundaries, bound by a strong heritage of mutual respect and high principles. The incredible ethos of the school is matched by a high standard of education in every field. While there were once just five pupils on the grounds, the staff now attend to the needs of 650 day and boarding pupils, ranging from the ages of 3 through to 18. With a curriculum that is broad and challenging, there is the opportunity for all to engage with new ideas and concepts on a regular basis. Unlike many schools, St Lawrence College takes an attitude that embraces High Performance Learning, which means that intelligence is not fixed and that everyone has the potential to achieve highly. Their success in this regard has seen them named as one of only fourteen schools that has the status of a World Class High Performance Learning School. Education, of course, comes in all sorts of forms, and St Lawrence College doesn’t just excel in academic circles. The school has an incredible team of coaches who have not only led students to remarkable success, but have been a key part in the instilling of a genuinely holistic education. Children do not just need places to learn, but areas where they can explore the world as it is. As such, St Lawrence College offers various opportunities across the creative arts, charities and service activities as well as in various sports arenas. The college is incredibly international in its approach, welcoming students from around the world, and as such, it produces students who are ideally positioned to become global citizens who are outward facing at all times. In this environment, it’s clear that staff are not just dedicated teachers who instil a strong work ethic, but are able to act as pastoral support and moral guidance in a child’s formative years. The strong link between good mental health and academic success has always been understood as essential. As such, St Lawrence College has a pastoral team who ensure that every pupil’s well being is maximised as far as possible to embrace the values of tolerance, diversity, faith and forgiveness. Every school tries to encourage its students to fulfil their potential in its entirety, but few do it as well and as consistently as the team behind St Lawrence College. With an approach that embraces every aspect of education, and every facet of a young person’s mind, they have been able to achieve the remarkable. It’s why they have thrived since 1879, and why they will continue to thrive for years to come. Company: St Lawrence College Name: Ellen Rowe Email: [email protected]