2021 Private Education Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 23 LUX 2021 Private Education Awards Airpull Aviation Academy is a company providing exemplary and award-winning pilot education over a variety of different planes, for its clients to obtain commercial and private pilot licences. With exemplary facilities – including its very own aerodrome – as well as the residential halls it offers for its leaners, and the multitude of opportunities to train in different areas and conditions, it has secured its place as one of the best flight schools in Europe. Jul21124 A fully approved and accredited training organisation for professional and recreational pilots alike, Airpull Aviation Academy has all the certifications necessary to make it a one stop shop for learning all things aviation. Serving its clients with diligence and enthusiasm, the organisation is certified by the EASA – the European Aviation Safety Agency – according to the European Flight Crew Licensing Regulation, or the FCL, lending it all the credibility it needs to become a household name. Further aiding this reputation is the long roster of alumni who have gone through its programme and onward to accomplish great things. Additionally, it has been doing this for close to two decades now, having been founded in 2004 and scaling itself naturalistically with its reputation and reliability, gaining the respect of its peers, a height of quality it is forever working hard to improve, and with a confidence that has secured it as one of the top flight schools in Europe. Professional, dedicated, and hardworking, Airpull Aviation Academy has made itself the only flight school in Spain that offers education in the aerodrome it owns, where operations are frequently carried out in Requena, Valencia. This allows it to offer the provision of a flight education like no other in its region. First and foremost, it secures an operational capability that is unmatched by its competitors, able to commit to delivering the fastest training turnaround due to the excellent weather it enjoys and the excellent instructional space the aerodrome provides to its trainees –85% of the year are clear, sunny days. This ensures that Airpull Aviation Academy’s clients will have excellent weather for learning, able to train its students up to competitive levels in only 15 months, carrying out training flights at airports and airfields all over the country to get them used to other air conditions. Furthermore, it serves students from all over the world, conducting all of its many operations in-house in order to ensure everything runs smoothly and is up to the Airpull Aviation Academy standard. This is to reassure clients that they will be trained with the utmost safety, quality, and quantity of operations in order to get them confident in the air, designed to deliver both value for money and outstanding education. Running all kinds of courses – from the private to the commercial – including airline transport pilots, multi-engine rated plane piloting, single engine rated piloting, and multi-crew cooperation courses, it plays a significant role in the furtherment of its industry and the emboldening of new minds working in it. After Covid-19, it is more committed than ever to continuing this. Whilst adjustment had to be made in order to ensure safety, such as pivoting to fully online courses over the onset of lockdowns, Airpull Aviation Academy made these expertly and with confidence, reassured by the immediate way its clients embraced the changes. Moreover, in addition to Zoom classes and fully online seminars, its online education provision was bolstered by its Private Radar programme. Delivered by way of the intranet for its students, here they can manage schedules, learn both theory and flight elements, and are provided with all the teaching materials necessary to continue growing as pilots. This included books, flight manuals, and much more, all regarding its expansive fleet and with the student always able to access their own records in a progression manual. Each year, this fleet is improved to give students a better experience; and this continued during the pandemic, allowing students to be 100% focused on their course and able to trust Airpull Aviation Academy to handle safety concerns and personal protective measures. Presently, it is excited to be able to welcome students back to its stunning residential halls, fully equipped with unlimited use of gas, electricity, water, and internet, as well as room cleaning and an outstanding bar and restaurant, raring to go to train more of aviation’s finest. Company: Airpull Aviation Academy Contact: Ignacio Cabrera Email: [email protected] Website: airpullaviationacademy.com Airpull Aviation Academy Best Flight School 2021 - Spain