2021 Private Education Awards

Page 4 www.lux-review.com LUX 2021 Private Education Awards First and foremost, Brighton College Nursery is a Pre-Prep & Prep School that cares for children aged 3-13 in its area, hoping to inspire and educate them. It seeks to prepare its students for moving up into its college later, as well as preparing them for the wider field of academia and building up the confidence to begin their own personal development, proud to be a part of their growth. Its school helps children to hold the torch for what British education could look like. Fundamentally, it believes that no two children are the same, and that every child in its school with require individual learning and attention in order to reach their full potential, allowing them to excel through encouragement – its teaching philosophy is one of allowing pupils to be themselves whilst they progress. As well as in their academic careers, Brighton College Nursery seeks to start them on the path towards developing good values and beliefs. Therefore, it teaches its students to follow its motto of ‘be good, be kind, be honest, be the best you’, encouraging them to be transparent and respectful when communicating with peers and their teachers in order to foster good attitudes that they can carry with them long into the future. It also works hard to cultivate an atmosphere of learning and socialisation through inspiring and innovating. Brighton College Nursery allows students to use this as another learning tool as they progress through their time in its care, happy to provide them with academic and co- Apr21415 Brighton College Nursery, Pre-Prep & Prep School Most Outstanding Independent School 2021 - UK curricular activities that become the crucible for forging these relationships. Especially pivotal in the younger years, it puts emphasis on curating a school in which enthusiasm, energy, and kindness are all contagious and prevalent, qualities instilled in each student and that every teacher brings to every lesson. Additionally, this informs its passion for pastoral care. In order to form a healthy educational institution, the health and wellbeing of the children must be at the forefront of the educator’s minds constantly, and thus Brighton College Nursery funnels effort into reminding children there is more to life than the classroom. It encourages them to remember that they’re part of a wider world, and that their voice is heard and important in this world – it has an impact, and they must learn how they wish to use it. Lessons finish at 3.15 every day so that children have plenty of time to pursue interests in co-curricular activities. An element that both families and students appreciate, it gives children time to cultivate a passion that could stay with them for the rest of their lives, becoming enriching hobbies as they move forward into adulthood, perhaps even becoming job prospects later down the line. Its enriching and invigorating curriculum carries the most creatively fulfilling lessons and activities – as well as, crucially, giving year 8 students the tools they need to move forward into year nine – ensuring that each young mind can find a subject they are passionate about. The teachers that facilitate this are all experts in their fields in their own right, with a singular enthusiasm about the material they teach. This specialist teaching begins in nursery, as Brighton College Nursery introduces students to a wide range of learning such as modern foreign language, music, design and technology, and even dance. Brighton College Nursery, therefore, has made a name for itself by being an outstanding pillar in its community, something it will carry with it long into the future. Company: Brighton College Nursery, Pre-Prep & Prep School Contact: Joanne Wergan Website: https://www.brightoncollege.org.uk/ Brighton College Nursery Pre-Prep & Prep School is an exemplary educational institute fostering the love for learning amongst its young people. Focusing both on the out of academic and co- curricular, it works hard to foster its student’s zest for life and enthusiasm for the future, both as they move into their school life and as they begin to envision their careers.