2021 Private Education Awards

Page 6 www.lux-review.com LUX 2021 Private Education Awards The Luxury Hotelschool Paris has made itself the secret behind the luxury hotel experience, and is one that prides itself on being the best place for students to learn how to work in luxury hospitality, allowing them to prepare for Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in style. Furthermore, it is the only hotel school in France to offer a Master’s taught fully in English. With over 30 years of experience, this hotel is first and foremost an international hotel management institution, currently teaching a cohort of 200 pupils at 69 Boulevard Haussmann in the 8th arrondissement of the city – a district renowned for its prestige. Additionally, the school benefits from a long and prestigious history itself, run by a family with a legacy dating back to the 19th century in masters of the savoir-fare and French hospitality. In this way, The Luxury Hotelschool is an expert in its regional hospitality culture, but also in hospitality techniques such as the Ango-Saxon, and its students benefit from prestigious hoteliers such as the Ritz and Park Hyatt hosting the graduation ceremonies, organising and signing diplomas. By partnering with such establishments, The Luxury Hotelschool can offer students its luxury experience, allowing them to understand luxury hospitality by allowing them to appreciate it first hand, learning from the best and going on to implement what they learn throughout their careers. The Luxury Hotelschool also offers two programmes partnered with Lausanne and With the degrees of this year’s cohort being sponsored by the La Réserve luxury hotel, The Luxury Hotelschool Paris is proud of the learning and growth of each and every one of its students. Creating the next generation of hoteliers, managers, and luxury hospitality experts, its courses are offered in a beautiful Parisian campus and guarantees setting its students up for success. Apr21452 Luxury Hotelschool Paris Best Luxury Hospitality Management School 2021 eCornell. Fundamentally, this worldwide network has a reputation that its students will benefit from being a part of for the rest of their professional lives, allowing pupils access to a range of opportunities for their annual placement; these can even include placements in French palaces. At their core, they are geared towards increasing graduate employability. Therefore, The Luxury Hotelschool is the preferred partner for luxury hotels all over the globe, and its campus remains one of the most stunning in the city. In another move that it has been accredited for, The Luxury Hotelschool has partnered with the EHL Group to offer its students and professionals additional training to help them handle the challenges of Covid-19, aiding its industry’s present and future leading minds to respond effectively and safely. Above all else, it is pivotal that hoteliers can pivot to handle such paradigm shifts in order to protect their guests. This, consequentially, made The Luxury Hotelschool determined to ensure this message has stuck with its students, using EHL’s certified online training to do so. Due to its pedigree of hospitality experience and its family-run nature, it has become the leading force in teaching high-end service. It helps its students by immersing them in the environment they will be working in, teaching enthusiasm, precision, passion, and an ability to handle high-pressure situations; this as a consequence fosters a management that is authentic, ethical, and caring. These students go on to carry their degrees – which include UK university degrees, EHL joint programmes, and an eCornell certificate – forward to shape the future of hospitality. Knowing this, each year, the The Luxury Hotelschool asks its students to question everything, and never settle until they are leaders of industry in their own right, confident it will not take them long to do so. Company: Luxury Hotelschool Paris Contact: Arnaud Bouvier Website: luxuryhotelschool.com