2021 Private Education Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 7 LUX 2021 Private Education Awards A private boarding school in Switzerland, Institut auf dem Rosenberg is an exemplary and innovative institution that fosters the individuality and ingenuity of its students with every class. Excelling in all subjects, particularly STEM, robotics and creative uses of state-of-the-art new technologies, Rosenberg’s pupils can expect to leave its gates ready to become leading minds in their chosen field. Apr21564 Institut auf dem Rosenberg is a family run institution that has been passed down for four generations of the Gademann family, over the course of 130 years. It seeks to create an unmatched learning environment that promotes the power of the individual and fosters the natural curiosity of the students within its walls. This is something it has developed over time, and has been at the core of the school since its inception over a century ago. With holistic, entrepreneurial approaches to learning, and enabling excellent academic achievements that help its students to progress further in their academic careers, Institut auf dem Rosenberg is reshaping how a modern educational environment can work with traditional tenacity and modern sensibilities. The current Headmaster, Bernhard Gademann, wishes to address what he sees as a disconnect between the skills taught in traditional schools and the skills needed in the 21st century workplace. Therefore, his school keeps a finger on the pulse of new technologies and industry developments, keeping its students up to date so that, by the time they enter the workplace, they can jump straight into their roles. Institut auf dem Rosenberg wants to prepare students to thrive not just in academia, but also the world outside of the school. Therefore, its teaching styles have often been called ‘unorthodox’. It embraces new technologies and provides students with expert onboarding, incorporating the expertise of partners such as Boston Dynamics, ETH Zurich, and SAGA Space architects, to offer a range of classes not included in the traditional curriculum. This is further emboldened by its enrichment program, which bridges the gap between the academic and the working world. Specifically, this offering allows students to learn from over 100 cocurricular classes covering applied robotics, corporate finance, diplomacy, and leadership acumen. Its Individual Development Plan department (IDP®) ensures each student’s timetable is individually tailored to their interests, and covers a variety of different additional classes. In its Google-style Creative Lab, students can partake in Artificial Intelligence classes, robotics, prototyping, and design, and in the Rosenberg Future Park they can learn from an outdoor lab featuring a climate garden, a vertical farm, farm bots and wind trees – encouraging experimental and interdisciplinary learning. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Institut auf dem Rosenberg was one of the first to close and re-open with safety measures in place, and was quick to pivot and adapt to the new paradigm. Additionally, the school was rewired overnight to allow it to offer the best online tutelage. Each year, the Rosenberg Summer Camp opens to non-Rosenburg students too in order to provide a safe space for students from around the world to catch up on learning missed over lockdown. Its teachers – or “artisans” – are all experts in their fields, inspiring their students and cultivating their ingenuity. They seek to create the next generation of brilliant young minds, alongside external speakers and experts who enrich the curriculum even further. Institut auf dem Rosenberg’s curriculum is internationally accredited and flexible, letting students join at different stages and encouraging them to take a number of examinations, even offering early external qualifications to those who are performing well ahead of their age group. With such incredible work being carried out by its artisans and students alike, the school is excited to move forward into the rest of 2021 – and beyond. Company: Institut auf dem Rosenberg Contact: Manuel Bernardo Website: www.instrosenberg.ch Institut auf dem Rosenberg Most Innovative Institute - St. Gallen